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Corona Synthesized Dual-Conv Receiver 8Ch 35Mhz

Corona Synthesized Dual-Conv Rec...

Corona Synthesized Dual Conversion Receiver 8Ch 35Mhz

Throw away your crystals, say goodbye to glitches! The new Corona synthesized receiver is here!
This unit will work with existing Synthesized transmitters or crystal transmitter...

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Corona Synthesized Dual Conversion Receiver 8Ch 35Mhz

Throw away your crystals, say goodbye to glitches! The new Corona synthesized receiver is here!
This unit will work with existing Synthesized transmitters or crystal transmitters. In fact the accuracy of this receiver will improve the performance of all 35mhz crystal transmitters.

The new technology put into the synthesized series of Coron receivers is truely outstanding and will certainly make you think twice about upgrading to a more expensive 2.4GHz.

Size: 36x18.7x8.2mm
Weight: 9.2g
Distance: >1.5Km
Sensitivity: +/-8kHz at 65dBdown
Channels: 1-8
Filtering: DSP


*Image shows 72mhz reciever. This listing IS for a 35mhz reciever.


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This is an excellent receiver but I had some problems with it to start out.


I was using 34.950 (55) and had a lot of trouble locking the RX to the TX.

When it finally did lock I noticed the red led was flashing a lot.

I was using this RX with a KK2 board and noticed when all the channels were centered, the values were jumping from -8 to 8 and I spotted a matching jittering in the yaw servo of my tricopter. I connected a servo direct to the RX and noticed the same issue.

After a lot of checking I contacted Corona who told me there MAY be a problem with channels below 60 (35.00) and above 80 (35.200).

I changed my TX crystal to 70 (35.100) and the RX locked straight away. Then I noticed the stick test on the KK2 board showed 0 for all connected channels. I've range tested the TX (JR X-3810) to RX and gave up after 1.5 miles.
This is the best 35mhz I have every tried BUT.............. Please be aware that for some reason (possibly firmware issue) these receivers do not work properly with frequencies outside of 60 - 80. This means 55-59 (34.950-34.990) and 81-90 (35.210-35.300) will not work properly.

I use 35mhz and 5.8ghz for fpv and this RX at first appeared to be locked on with occasional red light flickering but I had wild centering problems and assumed it was my TX. I tried a different RX and ruled out the TX. Contacted Corona who told me that the RX might not work properly outside of 60-80.

I changed my TX crystal to 70 (35.100) and the Corona started working perfectly with a massive 2km range. To carry out a range test just walk away from the TX and watch the RX light. As soon as it flickers you have found your range.

DO NOT FLY if the red light on the RX is flickering in any way. It should be a SOLID red light.
Graupner MX12-es adval kivlan mukdik mr tbb modellben hasznlom.

Olcs s jl mukdik ajnlani tudom mindenkinek aki mg 35MHz-es adt hasznl. Graupner MX12's artists have been working very well in several models I use.

Cheap and works well recommend it to everyone who's still using 35MHz transmitter.
Guter Empfnger. Die Ummantelung (Gehuse) knnte fester sein
use as a backup receiver for my models, perfect for sintezatornrmu module from Futaba 9
I put this in an AXN. I have a 35mhz tranny and didn't want to upgrade to 2.4GHz. It linked with the transmitter first time. I've had no problems so far. I'll be getting these in future instead of Dual Conversion receivers. WELL worth the price!
DEr beste 35Mhz Empfnger fr den preis
Excellent receiver. The only difficulty (small) is the failsafe settings. With 4x I got llear antenna 4 km in FPV
I am testing this reciever and first hold was after 2100 m distance.

I now have 3 of this receivers to work with my Hitec Optic 6 Tx.
They work flawlessly and if you search the web you find explanation how to get RSSI and PPM signal from it (be sure to use buffered connections to other devices).
Range is great and it is working without a glitch all of them until today.
A good buy for us still using 35MHz at a fair price.
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