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Laminated Wood Take-Down Recurve Bow 70"/26 lbs R/H

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Laminated Wood Take-Down Recurve Bow 70"/26 lbs R/H

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If you're looking for a more traditional looking recurve bow for field or target shooting this great range of laminated wood bows is hard to beat for performance and value!

The polished riser is laminated from Chuglam (Indian Silver Greywood,) Gmelina and Beech for strength and stability, while the ergonomically shaped grip allows you to shoot comfortably for greater accuracy. The riser has a stabilizer mount built in should you want to fit one.

The laminated maple and fiberglass limbs give a smooth, fast release even on the lower draw weight bows.

The whole bow can be quickly assembled and taken down again allowing it to fit into any regular recurve bag making transport simple. 

Also included is the string, arrow rest and adjustable target sight to complete the package.

This well-balanced, versatile bow is highly recommended for beginners and general sport use!

• Versatile, smooth shooting bow
• Laminated wooden riser
• Easy to use limb adjustment mechanism
• Laminated maple and fiberglass limbs
• String, arrow rest and adjustable sight included

Bow length: 70"
Riser height: 23.3"
Riser color: Natural
Limb color: Black
Brace height: 9"
Draw weight: 26 lbs
Right hand only

Laminated wood take-down recurve bow 70"/26 lbs R/H
String w/serving
Arrow rest
Instruction manual

Never shoot the bow without an arrow as this will cause damage to the bow
Always check the condition of all of the bow parts before use
Always check with the relevant authorities in your area before using this bow for hunting.
Adult supervision required
Inspect Bow regularly before and after use

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Chubbs | Verified Buyer

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Aug 05, 2016

For the price, this is a really excellent bow. I'm sure people are hesitant to buy a bow from HK, but a quick google search for "Jandao vs" will show you this is an identical bow to another major brand. Same factory, same assembly line, different stickers. This is a sturdy, well made bow that should last a lifetime if taken care of. Due to it's low draw weight, it is NOT a great bow for hunting, as it lacks the power to take larger game. But it's great for target practice, and for smaller framed archers who don't want to struggle with a 60lb bow. This is a well made and attractive bow, and great first bow to get someone into the hobby. It's also at a price that is quite a bit less than your local sports store, even after shipping.

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