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Darkwing FPV Drone 1727mm Composite (ARF)

Darkwing FPV Drone 1727mm Compos...

The H-King Darkwing is a huge composite flying wing designed specifically for FPV, with it's sleek design and menacing lines, this is one fantastic looking model!

The central fuselage section and winglets are made from sturdy fibergla...

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The H-King Darkwing is a huge composite flying wing designed specifically for FPV, with it's sleek design and menacing lines, this is one fantastic looking model!

The central fuselage section and winglets are made from sturdy fiberglass, while the wing is sheeted, traditional construction balsa for durability. Despite it's size, the Darkwing is practical with both wings being plug in, this model can be field assembled in minutes and is easy to transport. Being a delta, it is of course a simple 2 servo affair, there is a massive amount of space in under the large canopy for Lipoly's and FPV equipment, the motor mount is also very substantial, obviously motor choice will depend on payload. The Darkwing has no undercarriage and will require a launch ramp, alternatively, conversion to fixed or even retracting undercarriage will be reasonably simple for the experienced modeller.

The Darkwing will undoubtedly make for a fantastic sport flying model courtesy of it's efficient and sleek aerodynamic design, but at it's heart, this is a futuristic looking FPV platform that features a high payload capability and has excellent stall & glide characteristics. The sheer size and menacing lines of the Darkwing will cause jaws to drop wherever you fly, this is one radical looking model that is perfect for the high tech world of FPV.

Amazing high tech look
Tough glassfiber fuselage
Massive payload capability
Easy and fast field assembly
Plug in wings for easy transportation
Low build cost

Wingspan: 1727mm
Length (fuselage): 762mm
Wing Area: 49.3dm2
Dry Weight: 1400g

Your own 4 channel TX/RX with delta mixing
42mm Brushless Outrunner motor
60A~80A ESC
2 x Standard size MG servo
3700mAh~5000mAh 4s Lipoly battery
FPV Equipment

Manual can be found here


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I fitted my drone with twin Leopard EDF jet engines. It looks great, flies great and sounds great. I also gave it a fixed tail to eliminate flat spins and fixed landing gear for easy take offs and landings.
For the only person that I actually have seen fling this plane, It is a pain to take off the ground! if you don't have a body" to tow your plane, The expenses of making a launch ramp have to be added to this model! but may be the mos annoying thing is the the cockpit cover, It is hard to keep it from falling down out of the plane and the fact that is not clear make at least for me a very hard decision to put the money on to it! I hope that they make the proper adjustments! like the option ready, of landing gear. Because there are lots of people like me that constantly are looking for a better platform for our UAV's, and all those styrofoam planes eventually wear out! living use with almost nothing! Hey I have an X8 from sky walker! and if your don't take the time to cover it either on fiberglass or in some kind of Vinyl tape! your will have a pile of garbage on not time! so please HB keep in mind people like us!
This Darkwing flies really well, it is really stable and the speed was ok. I used 4cell 5000mah with motor 950kw and a 12/6 prop. However the color black isnt my first choice for this airplane, in a distance it gets difficult to see so I crashed mine. Good airplanes just dont fly long way from the starting point. Now I ordered the new x8 (white)
gli alettoni sono un cm. pi corti,la colorazione sul dorso dovrebbe essere bianca, la capottina manca degli incastri,il foro per i servi v realizzato nella parte superiore dell'ala, finitura verniciata discreta
Thank you for your help guys. I find the CG of this great flying wings and I also instaled an electric landind gear. It's really beautiful. The CG is 42cm from the edge.
I ordered mine but unfortunately I received no assembly manual and now my big problem is the CG anyone has an idea?
  • Dark Wing FPV Drone

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