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AS1424 Music Spectrum Flashing LED DIY Kit

AS1424 Music Spectrum Flashing LED DIY Kit


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AS1424 Music Spectrum Flashing LED DIY Kit

The DIY Music Spectrum Kit is an excellent addition to your audio system and provides a graphical representation of the music being played. It uses a 32-bit high-speed processor to capture every detail of the music and provide a dynamic display. The system is split into twenty-four frequency bands with each band broken into fourteen levels four of which are red.

This is an electronic kit and requires the ability to solder and some electronic knowledge. The electronics are enclosed in a Perspex case. It is powered by a USB cable. Input is by microphone or line input.

What better way to learn about electronics as well as “see” your music.

• Signal acquisition is by MIC (electret microphone) or LIN (line input)
• AGC peripheral audio processing
• Powered by the USB port
• Three kinds of classic mode, single frequency spectrum, spectrum + peak hold, floating point, with power off memory
• Adjustable brightness (5 levels)
• 5 level spectrum adjustable speed, can adjust according to personal preference
• 24 frequency bands, each 14 points, top 4 rows using red LED

Size: 185 x 90 x 12mm

1 x DIY AS1424 Music Spectrum Kit


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The range is linear by 150 Hz steps from 150 Hz to 3.6kHz, it could looks weird because spectrum analyser are usually logarithmic' steps and range from 40Hz to 20Khz but it's a smart approach in fact.
The effect is centered on voices and (most of) musical instruments, so it's a very nice visual effect, didactic and amusing.
The Spectrum analyser is very precise and reacts in a snap, the kit is not very easy to accomplish because of the small parts and i made it with the help of an USB microscope in 2 days (maybe in 8 hours total), a bit of glue is needed at the end to fix the box.

The final result is very impresive and nicely finished with the smoked black box.
Very nice result laid on my Marantz MCR610
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trending_up Value
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This item is sold under many various brands, names, and styles.
The hobbyking price is the lowest I've seen.
One thing mentioned in every listing (except here) I've seen is a note that "no English documentation available". I probably wouldn't have purchased this if I knew that .

There are YouTube videos that will probably help, I haven't watched them yet.
The Chinese partslist that comes with this kit is easy enough to figure out without needing to translate anything.
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