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DMS18016MG 180-degree Travel FPV Servo 25T 9.60kg / 0.07sec / 60g

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DMS18016MG 180-degree Travel FPV Servo 25T 9.60kg / 0.07sec / 60g


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The Mi Series servos represent the next break through in high precision servo technology. Using Magnetic Induction rather than a potentiometer, they offer an unsurpassed level of accuracy and performance, this Metal Gear, High Torque Servo has been specifically designed for FPV/Camera Applicatons requiring smooth, accurate 180 degree travel.

Voltage: 4.8v / 6.6v
Speed: 0.08sec/60deg (4.8v) - 0.07sec/60deg (6.6v)
Torque: (4.8v) - (6.6v)
Pulse: 0.9ms-2.1ms (Middle Pulse 1.5ms)
Angle: 180 degree (+90 degree to -90 degree)
Size: 40mm x 20mm x 39.2mm
Weight: 61g
Gear Train: 7075 Titanium-Aluminium Alloy
Motor: Coreless Motor
Gear Type: Digital
Ball Bearing: 3
Lead: 300mm with Universal/JR Plug
Spline Count: 25

 Mi : Magnetic Induction, uses a Magnetic Rotary Encoder in place of a traditional potentiometer (invented in 1877). Magnetic Rotary encoders have a longer life and suffer less wear.

  • Servo Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg) 9.60
  • Servo Speed (Sec/60deg) 0.07
  • Servo A(mm) 44.00
  • Servo B(mm) 40.00
  • Servo C(mm) 39.00
  • Servo D(mm) 20.00
  • Servo E(mm) 55.00
  • Servo F(mm) 30.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-11


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dberladyn | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jul 26, 2013

These are the first non-cheap servos I've bought aside from Futaba gear. Very jittery on my HK Servo Tester, but smooth as silk hooked up to my Futaba radio. I'm impressed, I havent had the chance to actually use it yet but I feel good about the purchase and I think I'll consider Blue Bird servos again in the future.

So far the only thumbs down I have noticed are the useless cheap box which would be nice if it wasnt made of such thin plastic. And the other negative thing is the cheesy poorly written desperate sales pitch written in Chinglish fo a manual. Give up the bs and just simply state the basic facts. Its all we care about.

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