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Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2006, A20...

Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035


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Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035


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This is a very good fitting voor the short course truck 4x4
get 10mm black shrink wrap and shrink wrap these and never lose them again!
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Dogbone 2 pcs - 118B, A2023T and A2035

5 STARS ????? 4 STARS ???? 3 STARS ??? 2 STARS ?? 1 STARS ?

Please include technical

kovove kosti. dobra kvalita.
a must have spare parts. We loss original dogbone during 2nd run and jump a 1/16 SCT and then we use Shrink tube to wrap the Drive cup to protect came-off.
always have at least one pair of this (per car)

they can fly away when you crash or crack one stock plastic transmission joint
As real RC cars and need parts. Buy the kit and your model will not feel uncomfortable in some accident. Do not be sparing small amounts of any great inconvenience.
Przy uszkodzeniu Susp.arm lubi si zgubi. Kupiem na zapas i mam spokojn gow :)
You never know which part you should have,so be sure to buy it
vous pouvez en acheter un paquet car il se perde facilement
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