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Dr. MadThrust DC Smart Regulator with Electric Soldering Iron

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Dr. MadThrust DC Smart Regulator with Electric Soldering Iron

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It always seems like the times you need a soldering iron the most, you don't have one. Dr. MadThrust comes to the rescue with their new DC Smart Regulator with Electric Soldering Iron. This handy control device allows you to run a electric soldering iron straight off of your 3~4 cell LiPoly battery virtually anywhere.

The DC Smart Regulator has three heat settings which is great for soldering anything from small, delicate servo leads, to heavy duty electrical connectors. Select between 200, 300, and 400 degrees Celcius for your project. A handy on/off switch allows you to turn the device off quickly. One button is all that is needed to select your heat setting, with colored LED's indicating your setting. No guess work here.

This tool is a must for any toolbox whether it is in your workshop or out at the field.

• Portable and handy tool for any tool box
• Selectable low, medium and high heat settings for any items
• XT60 connector pre-installed for use with your normal flight/driving batteries
• Soldering iron tip replaceable with other commercially available tips
• Green/Red/Blue LED's indicate heat setting

Input: 12V~16.8V (3~4S LiPoly)
Output Voltage: 14V/17V/21V (L/M/H)
Output Current: 5A Max
Regulator Size: 58x31x15mm
Regulator Weight: 47g
Soldering Iron Weight: 75g

  • Dr Mad Thrust Soldering Iron
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Dennis | Verified Buyer

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Fantastic iron

Mar 12, 2018

I solder electronics for a living and use a $2000 soldering station daily. How does this $15 portable unit stack up? Great! It heats up fast, and the three settings are well set, with the medium setting good for 90% of RC related tasks. The only downside that I've noticed is somewhat fast oxidation of the tip. Luckily hobbyking's 10 pack of Hakko style tips fit and are only $0.60/tip.

MetalBender4by4 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Sep 15, 2015

This is the best portable soldering iron I have ever owned. I have been using it for about a year now and have used 3 and 4 cell lipo's as well as my car battery and a 12 volt power supply in my garage. It heats fast and cleans well. I have a professional soldering iron and prefer to use this one most of the time because of it convenience. I have used it on wire all the way from 28 gauge to 10 gauge with out any issues. This is a must have for all tool box's, and at 13 bucks it's affordable enough to have one in every tool box. I now own two of these and keep one in my field box and one in my shop.

Alexander | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Nov 26, 2014

great soldering iron that can operate with DC power supply or with your LiPo battery.
Make note that this item DID'T CUTOFF VOLTAGE. Be careful with you battery. i would like to recommend you a buzzer

Subjectively this iron is rather the lowest mode it boils rosin instantly. too hot at high mode to solder wires.maybe for soldering something bigger...

it has more than 50w iron at the low mode.subjectively.

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