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DSM2 Air Module with AR9000 Futaba-Compatible

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DSM2 Air Module with AR9000 Futaba-Compatible


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Now thousands of Futaba users can experience the freedom that only Spektrum’s revolutionary 2.4GHz technology can provide with Spektrum’s new Aircraft Module Systems. Each module system includes everything you need to equip your Futaba module-based system with the interference-free, glitch-free precision of DSM2—Spektrum’s advanced spread spectrum protocol that can be used with any size and type of aircraft.
Just think, now you can fly anytime you want without giving a second thought to frequency conflicts, RF interference or glitches AND use the same radio you’re flying with now. 
Check out the Aircraft Module System tour on the Spektrum website. You’ll learn just how simple it is to install and which radios it’s compatible with.

Key Features:
DSM2 Spread Spectrum technology for popular module based radios
Very robust radio link
No crystals needed
No more model generated interference (electronic ignitions, metal to metal contact, etc.)
Short antennas on both radio and receivers
No need to send existing radio in to be retuned
Keep favorite radio with familiar software program
AR9000 receiver included
# of Channels: 8
Modulation: DSM2
Band: 2.400-2.4835GHz
Receiver: SPMAR9000
Tech Notes
Compatible with the following Futaba Radios:
7U, 8U,  8J, 9C, 9Z, FN Series Radios 
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