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Durafly™ F4U Corsair w/flaps/retracts/lights 1100mm (PNF)

Durafly™ F4U Corsair w/flaps/ret...

This superb looking F4U from our top quality Durafly® ™ range and has enough scale detail and features to keep any warbird enthusiast happy. The 1100mm range offers the RC pilot a practical size model that can be easily transported and u...

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This superb looking F4U from our top quality Durafly® ™ range and has enough scale detail and features to keep any warbird enthusiast happy. The 1100mm range offers the RC pilot a practical size model that can be easily transported and uses the ever popular 2200mAh 3s Lipoly pack, yet at the same time, the model is large enough to have presence and is able to tackle most airfields, not to mention a little wind, making it very practical.

As well as looking fantastic, this Corsair is plug and fly, meaning very little assembly work is needed. The powerful outrunner motor, ESC, navigation lights, servoless electric retracts & servos are all pre-installed leaving you to glue on the tailfeathers and some scale detailing, bolt on the plug in wings and go flying!

We have flown this superb F4U Corsair extensively during testing and it will not disappoint, there is plenty of power for those really scale warbird aerobatics and the airframe is viceless with no hint of a tip stall. The pre-installed flap servos have a nice, slow operation to help prevent ballooning and the flaps themselves allow the approach speed to get down to a crawl without a hint of wingrock. There is no doubt, this is one fantastic looking warbird and it flies as easily as a low wing trainer!

Wingspan: 1100mm
Length: 880mm
Flying Weight: 1260g
Motor: 750kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (GC3536-800)
Servo: 9g x 6 (PZ15178)
Retract: Electric Servoless Retract (PZ-15095)
Wing Area: 21.5dm2
Wing Loading: 58.6g/dm2

Full photo manual
All hardware

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery


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Some additional comments after a few flights now with this model. Still perfect flying but accessories such as drop tanks and missiles are very easy to damage. I broke all missiles on one side plus one tank within a slightly rough landing. My advice for other pilots: Don't put them on for maiden flights until you perfectly know the planes behaviors. My request for Hobby King: As these part are very weak, please offer them as spare parts as well in order to be able to replace them after an accident.
All in all, a very good plane, I was surprised about the overall quality, especially compared to other brands I purchased for a much higher price with all these features included (retracts, flaps). Good paint quality, solid fit of all parts, no problems with any screw. Maiden flight was the biggest surprise to me. Not one single trim step was needed, this plane flew stable, straight and smooth right out of the box. Important: Before the built, I read a lot about the fact that these Durafly models are slightly tail-heavy, therefore I added 30 grams weight inside the cowl prior the first flight. Again, perfect first flight with this slight adjustment. The only small disappointment was that one of the with LED lights in the wing stopped working after 2 days. (not a big deal). I can only recommend this Corsair, even a beginner with some decent flight experience will not have big problems to fly it. Super job from Durafly.
i have been contemplating getting this plane for a year i got this plane a few days ago and i have to say its very beautiful to say the least.didnt take to long to put together everything fit very well.yet i still cant get over how good the finish was on this plane especially for the money.however i only gave it 4 crowns on quality because the wheels are crap it is a mission to take off on even the shortest of grass and the cg was off so i had to add weight to the nose to get it right and its a shame i had to do so because it made it prone to nose over on grass.still those were easy issues to fix i just made some wheels myself and i shaved a little foam from in front of the battery.when this plane flew though it handled perfect and it was just AMAZING in the air. so if you are thinking about getting one, dont think about it JUST GET ONE you wont regret it!
I bought one of these and although delivery was extremely slow the plane is amazing and I have been a hater of foamies , untill now. The build quality and paintwork are perfect, zero defects.lots of detail, lots of power, this corsair has it all.anyone who buys one will not be dissapointed.good job durafly!
we purchased this plane last week it looked pretty good we put it all together we also purchased the recommended transmitter and receiver after doing all the usual stuff that we have done with all our other planes and cars we noticed that the landing gear did not work at all not even a sound nothing so we contacted the 24 customer service and after 3 days when we still had no reply we used the live chat to speak to someone the response was they will replace the landing gear for us if we can send them a video recording of the landing gear not working . its a shame really because these guys were really good to deal with prior to this but this was our first complaint
Habe den Flieger seit einiger Zeit. Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Flugverhalten und auch genug Kraft ist vorhanden. HK/Durafly/FMS haben es aber immer noch nicht begriffen die billigsten Einziehfahrwerke gegen Metall zu tauschen. Schade dass es immer an paar Cent scheitern muss! Hauptsache die Kasse wird voll!
I have had this plane for over a year and I love it. I run mine with a 10x10 prop and 4S 2200. with that setup it is a screamer at over 70 Mph. Now I have broke props, landing gear and tail wheels but that is due to landing. If I take off and land on pavement then no problem at all; However, landing in grass takes a lot of attention. The small wheels do not like grass so just hand launch it around grass. I just burned this plane in last week and will be buying a new one. Ditch the stock prop and use a 10 x 10 and a 4S 2200 and it will become you favorite warbird.
I purchased the Corsair after owning a Bixler 2 and then a BIX 3 for a year or so with a fair bit of flying in that time. I am still a bit of a noob in many respects, but I can fly ok. I have flown the Corsair on 5 occasions now and have had mixed results due to my inexperience with war birds and inexperience taking off from the ground. Despite my problems I can not fault this plane. It looks so nice with the drop tanks and missiles and lights and flaps and retracts and once I actually get it in the air and trim it, it flies very very well - even in wind gusting up to 20kph. My experience so far tells me this -

1. Don't punch out too much throttle on take off or it will torque roll.

2. When taxiing and taking off make sure you are pulling back on the elevator, that is BACK, not forward or it will nose over into the ground. (rookie mistake)

3. The stock prop will take quite a few good hits on the ground, but order extra anyway.

4. Do not engage too much flaps when going quickly or without mixing in a fair amount of down elevator. The result may be a ballooning plane with tip stall into the ground.

5. Stock wheels are excellent and it will run on grass, but the retracts won't stand up to rubbish landings. (I have ordered Turnigy Full Metal Servoless 100 Degree Twist n Turn Retracts with 88mm Oleo Legs as replacements.)

6. This plane is tough, really tough. I have had really hard, terrible landings and on one occasion smashed it into the ground hard on take
I do not know what happened to my review but here I go again.

The Durafly Corsair is full of amazing detail. The paint is loud and vibrant and has this sheen to it that has it standing out above other warbirds at my club. For under $150 you get a lot of airplane for the money. Retracts, flaps, lights, and amazing detail is expected with durafly. The flight is a great experience. The one thing to consider is to use as much runway as possible or else your wings will lift before they are ready and you will stall on take off. If you watch youtube videos of the corsair roll left on take off and come down to earch and crash yup that was a stall on take off not a torque roll. In all it is an airplane worth having in your collection.
Cet avion est une catastrophe. A peine mis en route, les servos se sont tous mis chauffer, aucun ne fonctionnant et j'ai du TOUS les changer (heureusement j'en avais d'avance). Aprs un premier vol, le train lacher aprs un seul et unique atterrissage pourtant bien ngoci. Aprs dmontage, je me suis aperu qu'il tait totalement conu dans un plastique assez peu solide. Je l'ai remplac avec un train fixe de ma conception. Depuis l'avion a enfin pris les air. Son vol est sympathique et assez dynamique. Les figures de base passent bien, la puissance se montrant au rendez-vous. Aucun vice l'atterrisage, en revanche le laisser bien prendre de la vitesse au dcollage sinon il dcroche facilement.
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  • Durafly™ F4U Corsair w/flaps/retracts/lights 1100mm

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