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DYS 250 Full Carbon Fiber Folding Drone With Storage Case (PNF)

DYS 250 Full Carbon Fiber Foldin...

Do you tire at the thought of building your next 250 drone? Do you wish for a PNF 250 size frame with all of the functionality of a DIY multirotor and more? The DYS 250 PNF multirotor will answer a big YES to all of those questions!


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Do you tire at the thought of building your next 250 drone? Do you wish for a PNF 250 size frame with all of the functionality of a DIY multirotor and more? The DYS 250 PNF multirotor will answer a big YES to all of those questions!

The DYS 250 PNF quadcopter has all of the functionality and flexibility of a DIY frame and the ease of use of a PNF. The latest DYS offering incorporates quality BE series brushless motors, fully licensed open pilot CC3D flight control board (pre-tuned), BLheli speed controllers and a folding frame design which neatly folds into the supplied storage case. 

The CC3D Flight controller provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexcopters, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes and has been specifically selected for this PNF quadcopter to bring you a super stable quadcopter straight out of the box.

The ground control software (GCS) provides an easy way to program the board via a USB connection. Each board has been pre-flashed and tuned with the latest firmware so setting up your quadcopter will take no time at all. 

The DYS 250 PNF is supplied complete with a full set of carbon fiber props, prop adapters and all fixtures and fittings.     

• PNF format add your receiver and let the fun begin
• 20A Opto BLHeli Speed controllers
• Powerful DYS BE series 2300kv motors
• Pre-tuned CC3D flight control system
• Open pilot cloud configured and pre-tuned
• Folding portable frame (Full Carbon Fibre)
• Handy carrying case included
• Extremely durable full carbon fiber construction
• full parts support

Wheel Base: 250mm
Motors: DYS BE1806 2300kv (pre-installed)
ESC: 20A opto BLHeli (pre-installed)
Props: 5x3 carbon (pre-installed)
Flight Controller: CC3D (pre-installed)
Weight: 305g

5~6ch control radio and receiver
1300~2200 3s battery
FPV gear optional


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Avoid this product. Frame is flimsy, nylon stand offs for the upper deck are useless. The ESCs are just bad, i had one flight before one of them decided to fry, one of the mosfets just let go. Case is too small for the Quad with props and landing gear on. So far have been waiting 1 week for a response to the RMA i lodged with Hobby King on the fried ESC.

If really want this frame, you will want the following: Aluminum 37mm Stand Offs, ESCs - XM20As, Ditch the landing gear, 5040 props.
I like this Quad, but so far I have burnt out 2 speed controllers and a motor.ed controllers hit the layered board 4mm above it and it shorts out and wrecks it, smoking like a granddad. this wrecked the first motor. Also swap out the carbon props with plastics, the carbon cuts skin really nice and they are noisy.
The frame screws come loose often so tighten regularly or swap out for aluminium posts like I will. The cc3d board is good and the flight modes are great amd easliy modified.
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had a problem with the cc3d that came with the quad. replaced it with a kk2 and that works like a dream the arms are really thick carbon fiber and can really take a beating! definatly a great quad to learn to fly on
Esc 4 and motor 4 randomly caught fire today.
It maybe had 5 of 6 flights.

For the love of god don't buy this, you might hurt yourself.
-The carbon props were way off balance. You have to balance them before you fly!
-One of the motors didn't have full power (that caused flips and crashes). I replaced it (10 bucks).
-The usb port can not be used without partially disassembling the rear frame.
-All prop screws are CW. So two of them always want to undo themselves.
-The quad does only fit into it's case without the legs and without atleast one prop. Combined with how the legs don't seem to be designed to come off again (like... ever) that renders the case quite useless.
-Basicaly no manual. Google for "CC3D board" and "LibrePilot" to get any usefull information to get this running.
If you can deal with these quirks it's really great fun to fly. Still awesome value! It flies really nicely with FPV and a Mobius now.
ESC or motor died within 15 minutes of flight time.

Need to be returned for repair or warranty
PNS: Plug and smoke at the first time plugged it all. 3 esc on 4 burned; had to buy news before first test. Good value for money, carbon is tough.
just love the way this flies, watch the HK vid to get setup then put time on sim and then went and had a great time. lots of power, and lots of fun. also love the case and it seems that the 2200ma was a little heavy went to the 1800ma and all runs much better.
Works well, no wobble and responsive with good power. Only thing is the usb jack you will need to loosen screws of the flight controller to be able to use. Overall very good value :)
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