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DYS BLHeli 16A Mini ESC with Soldering Pin Option 2-4s

DYS BLHeli 16A Mini ESC with Sol...

Looking for a mini ESC that meets all your requirements. Then this ESC is the one for you. The ESC comes loaded with proven BLHeli software.
The BLHeli software gives a very smooth yet linear throttle response, without sacrificing a rapid, ...

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Looking for a mini ESC that meets all your requirements. Then this ESC is the one for you. The ESC comes loaded with proven BLHeli software.

The BLHeli software gives a very smooth yet linear throttle response, without sacrificing a rapid, crisp, response to any throttle input.

The slim design and low weight (2.5g) makes this a breeze to fit.  It saves space and reduces the weight of the Multi-rotor. There is extreme versatility as you can wire this ESC to your own requirements as it comes with 2.0PIN connectors on the board.

To decrease heat to a minimum the PCB copper thickness has had a special thickening process and has been specially designed for the production of multi-rotors.

Support for ultra-high frequency Oneshot125 mode and ESC can support up to 3K refresh rate.

• BLHeli Software special multi-rotor program
• Smooth and linear throttle control
• Slim design for easy frame installation
• Fast response to throttle input
• Slim design for easy frame installation
• Very good motor compatibility
• New technology miniaturized ultra-low resistance MOSFET
• Low weight 2.5g
• ESC connection terminals 2.0PIN design
• Supports refresh rates up to 500Hz
• Supports ultra-high frequency OneShot125 

Current Draw: 16A Continuous, 18A Instantaneous
Voltage Range: 2-4s Lipoly 
BEC: None
Signal Refresh Rate: 20-500Hz
Output PWM Frequency: 18Khz 
Application: BLHeli
Pin Needle Size: 2.0mm x 6 pin
Weight: 2.5g
Size: 27 x 12 x 5mm (without needles) 



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It's OK for the price. Nothing more than that. 5$ ESC's with cables are still better than this when they are on sale. Seems to work OK , but I have used only 1 of the 5 I got. I will get more since they are so cheap.
The DYS BLHeli 16A Mini ESCs were implemented in a small quadcopter (frame from Carrera RC, but without any electrical components) of 235 mm size, combined with DYS 1804-23 2000KV BX motors and micro CC3D FCU. Althoug rather heavy weight (about 260 g) the quad flies great under control of my MPX ROYAL PRO transmitter: throttle response is very smooth, but quick and precise if necessary.
I soldered the battery and motor wires on the back side of the PCB between the two appropriate pins, thus very good contact, and cut the long pins on the upper side.
Have run this with both RX 1105's and 1105B's. They run pretty badly with stock firmware, but aftter flashing the most recent BLheli work very well, given that they're so cheap.

Would Recommend.
I have given only 2 crowns for a few reasons... First is the one and only esc I rigged up to test didn't work in anyway shape or form, Secondly I wrongly assumed the ESC had a BEC (my own fault for assumption) Third is... One person says not to connect both positives, Why is buying ESC's made so complicated. Not enough info, badly drawn wiring diagram, I am not going to waste my hobby time trying to fix a new product,
I will stick to proven parts in future
Jamais pus voler avec, grilles les un aprè*s les autres (avec des DYS 1806 2300KV), 6 acheté*s, 4 HS, il m'en reste 2 qui "fonctionnent" peux ê*tre, je dit peux ê*tre car sans pouvoir voler c'est dur a confirmer. Never could fly, gates one after the other (with DYS 1806 2300KV), 6 purchased, 4 burn, I still have 2 that "work" can be, I can be said because without being able to fly is hard to confirm.
Haven't tested it but heard others say there is a high failure rate. I don't know why you might want an ESC in a form factor like this.
ESC's were a waste of money, almost smoked a rx1105b. Terrible low speed characteristics as well.
Zero of five esc's worked, four made the motors on my quad twitch like a wire was disconnected. Hobbyking also deleted my one star review, I thought they were past that. I will continue to try to make these work with different versions of SK.
Build a QUAD and one of four ESC was not working from the start and nearly blown to my face. Polarity was correct. One of the PHASE bugs was faulty and exploded. THX hobbyking.
6 gekauft 2 durchgebrannt 3 lassen sich nicht einlernen
5 von 6 Schrott
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  • Cheapest BlHeli esc DYS 16amp esc from hobbyking for $4...

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