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EC3 Parallel Adaptor (2pcs per bag)

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EC3 Parallel Adaptor (2pcs per bag)


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EC3 Parallel Adaptor (2pcs per bag)

The EC3 Parallel Adaptors allow you to join two batteries together to increase capacity.  The adaptors also prevent adding additional lengths of cable unlike most solutions. The series adaptors are neatly soldered together and heat shrink shielded for a professional finish.

For example, 2 x 2200mah 3s batteries would  become 1 x 4400mah 3S

Weight: 12.9g
Connector Type: EC3

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savinay3 | Verified Buyer

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Jul 29, 2015

be very careful, these connectors are soldered incorrectly, positive is negative and negative is positive on the output, the once shown in the picture are correct but the once they send out are wrong, before you fry your ESC double check the connection using a millimeter something worth a dollar will fry your ESC. Hobbyking seriously needs to check what they are selling before they have 100's of paypal claims for more expensive items that they are damaging as a result of these ill solder plugs.

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