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Electric Winch for 1/10 Scale Land Rover Defender

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Electric Winch for 1/10 Scale Land Rover Defender


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A fully functional 1/10 scale electric winch, perfect for getting your 1/10 scale Defender out of 1/10 scale trouble!

This great little unit has a geared motor, guide rollers, hook and is designed to be used with the remote operating controller. (Product ID: 606000027-0) 

NOTE: This winch is designed to pull, not lift - meaning pulling a vehicle that is rolling freely, as opposed to lifting a vehicle up off the ground. When you pull, 4/5 of the vehicle weight is being supported by the tires on the ground, leaving the remaining 1/5 to be taken by the winch itself.
When lifting, the winch will be loaded with the whole of the vehicle weight which is above its rated capacity. This is very likely burn out the winch motor, and is not covered under warranty.

• Fully functional electric winch
• Coated wire rope
• Cast metal hook
• Roller guides
• Remotely operated (controller not supplied)

Operating Voltage: 4~7.4V
Max load: 3000g @ 7.4V
Rope length: 1000mm max 
Dimensions: 61 x 26 x 23
Weight: 43g

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Kai | Verified Buyer

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Good winch

Nov 19, 2019

Great scale 1/10 winch. Works with the remote available separately. Strong and good for a scale look.. won't be pulling itself directly up vertical inclines, but strong enough for flat

Chebm | Verified Buyer

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Cool gadget for my Land Rover Defender

Nov 08, 2019

Nothing more to say

Marco | Verified Buyer

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  • Quality

Perfect addition to my Traxxas Defender

Jul 29, 2019

Perfect for replacing that foe winch on the front of your crawler. I found some loose screws so locktited these in place. Also (as reported before) the wires fell off immedeatly so simply soldered them back on. Seems to be water resistant, won't rust up easily so I'm happy with it. | Verified Buyer

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You need to own a soldering iron

Dec 01, 2018

Good looking scale product for 1/10 crawlers. But you will need a soldering iron. The wires to the switch and winch motor fall ofdue to being very thin and poorly soldered. So you will need to repair this item before use. More of a cosmetic item than useful.

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Oct 19, 2016

good looking small winch for rc , has steel wire and front rollers.

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