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FatShark BASE SD FPV Headset

FatShark BASE SD FPV Headset

Built for serious FPVer’s, the new BASE SD goggle is the only choice for tethered video piloting. The BASE SD has dedicated tooling for a smaller, sleeker profile and are the lightest video goggles anywhere (120g). The controls are minimal (...

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Built for serious FPVer’s, the new BASE SD goggle is the only choice for tethered video piloting. The BASE SD has dedicated tooling for a smaller, sleeker profile and are the lightest video goggles anywhere (120g). The controls are minimal (brightness/contrast) to ensure years of reliability. The new 35 degree FOV display strikes a perfect balance between large screen immersion and compact pixel density clarity. The BASE SD sports the same polarized backlight technology used in the gorgeous Dominator display for vibrant colors and has adjustable IPD for dialing in the optic sweet spot. The BASE SD FPV pedigree is evident from the FPV specific features that are not found on common video glasses such as high pass filtering to remove video noise from 433Mhz and 2.4Ghz UHF radios and a video sync tip signal conditioner to tolerate poor video inputs resulting from mixed component and wireless setups. The exterior is coated with a quality rubberized texture, the IPD sliders have tactile feedback and the secured rubber eye cups completely block out ambient light. For a Base Station FPV goggle, there really isn’t anything else that can compare.

Kit Includes:
BASE SD headset
3m Power/AV cable
Zipper carry case
Lens cleaner cloth

Headset Specifications:
Optics: FOV (field of view): 35°diagonal (Image size: 1.3m @ 2m)
Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 59 – 69 mm (adjustable)
Supports optional diopter lens inserts: -2, -4, -6 dpt
Audio: Stereo (requires adjustable volume earphone accessory)
User Controls: Contrast/brightness control
Electrical: Power supply: 7 - 13 V (2S/3S supply)
Power consumption (@7.4V nominal): 150mA
Display: Full color LCD LED backlit Kopin CyberDisplay 922,000 pixels binocular display (640 X 480 VGA) NTCS/PAL auto selecting
Weight: 120g

Futaba Square 6pin AV in port (Vin, GND, AudR, AudL, Vid)
Power in port
3.5mm stereo earphone port


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I have had these goggle for more than 3 years. They work as well as the day I received them. The only issue was the cable connector, which had a broken solder joint.
The goggles are far less bulky than the others but there is no facility to add an on-board receiver. The image is very good and the colours are realistic, even a little to honest. A good camera demonstrates just how good the image is.
The rubber eye covers can cause fogging in hot weather.
All over these are good serviceable and long lasting FPV tools. Well worth the money but remember, you will still need to buy a receiver.
First and foremost, all FPV goggles are grossly overpriced and these are no different. The hardware quality feels extremely cheap and even a low cost pair of ski goggles has a better quality head strap on it.

Next, the eye piece lenses are too small for the relatively large screen and cause significant distortion around the edges of the picture no matter how you look through them. It's almost bad enough to make voltage/RSSI/time/GPS readouts at the corners unreadable, but you can read them if you focus on them for a second.

Additionally, the wire that came with mine had a short in the futaba connector end. When I plugged in a battery, the whole thing just melted. HK was nice enough to send me out a replacement. Just a testament to the low quality of these and all FPV goggles.

All that being said, these are one of the best pairs in existence right now. Good screen quality and sharp, large picture compared to anything else in this price range.
Excellent quality no complaints at all.
Great case for storage. hat more can one say thanks hobbyking
I love these goggles! So light. Great picture and FOV. Do fog up just pull them away from your eyes then they clear up. Very good for first time FPV'ers. I recommend.

For my first FPV goggles they are great very light! well finished picture is good with my GoPro960.
I have a big head and they fit well no light get's in and the head strap works well.
Ainda no experimentei num voo a serio mas a primeira vista parece ser equipamento de qualidade
These got me officially addicted to FPV. I was flying on 7" LCD diversity receiver. I now connect these to my 5.8 GHz diversity ground station's video out. Two drawbacks: 1) the image is smaller than expected. 2) On a warm day they fog up - so needs some kind of ventilation on the rubber.
My friends use old version of this google which has 46 diagonal FOV ,i like their image size but the old version does not manufactured anymore New one has 35 FOV but the image size looks the same.Also this one has some improvements.The rubber eye cups fits better than older foamie one.Also it does not pass light to the screen.It comes with zipper case it is enough good for protecting the google.I like the new Base SD version.
Best view out there. Make sure to use a 520tv line camera or better to get the best quality picture. Very happy with these, slight blueing on the edges but you can tell when flying. See pics from iPhone...
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