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Flybarless Helicopter Pitch Gauge for use w/Smartphone

Flybarless Helicopter Pitch Gaug...

This is a great tool for measuring the main blade pitch on your flybarless or flybar helicopter head. It is designed to hold your smartphone while using a leveling application to measure your heli blade's degrees of pitch. Ther...

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This is a great tool for measuring the main blade pitch on your flybarless or flybar helicopter head. It is designed to hold your smartphone while using a leveling application to measure your heli blade's degrees of pitch. There are many free applications available for download on your smartphone that will work for this purpose. Just be sure to download one that displays the measurement in degrees.

This handy tool is constructed from lightweight yet rigid glass fiber. It features spring loaded foam padded mount posts which will accommodate holding of just about any smartphone. This tool is especially helpful when measuring blade pitch on your flybarless helicopter head since there is no flybar to use for reference with a traditional style pitch gauge.

Note: All necessary hardware is included. Just add your own smartphone after downloading one of the many free IOS/Android leveling applications.

Maximum height of adjustable mount posts: 95mm
Maximum width of main blade: 75mm


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This is probably the worst thing I have ever ordered from HK.

Having used manual pitch gauges in the past I had hoped that this was a step forward, it wasnt.

It keeps jamming, does not always grip the heli blade properly, when it does the sharp edges mark the blades.

Come on HK, you can do better than this !
Bought this tool with no regret! Assembly was easy enough and pretty much a straight forward job. Quality wise there are no sharp edges found which is awesome at this price. And finally by using smartphone to do the pitch adjustment, I find it extremely accurate and I don't have to worry about finding true 0" for reference. Thx for the great product HK.
remember real men dont need instructions but we do work well with pictures thats why im here now trying to assembly this thing...
Not a good thing. It's very heavy with a phone on it, and will just bend the blades. Can be used for basic measurements plus/- a degree or two. You can get a better setup by eye-balling it.
Perfectly happy with the quality of this kit when it arrived.

Kit comes complete without any part missing, although no extra part is supplied.

Its edges are completely acceptable and none sharp edges are found or felt. Although the most fussy buyer will find it a very tiny bit sharp to the touch, the only way to make it perfectly smooth is to bevel its edges with sandpaper. I find it totally unnecessary therefore I did not do it.

Assembly is very straight forward once you review the manual, which you can find it on the "FILES" tab above.

And by using smartphone as the device leveller, you have a very accurate reading.

All & all I have no complaint with the purchase and 5 star is a truly well deserved star especially considering its price. Thanks HK!
Nice little gadget, comes all flat packed and you need to assemble it yourself. couple of minor annoyances though, it uses 2 different sizes of allen head bolts (I think it was 1.5mm and 2mm) was a little annoying to have to find another allen key half way through, also the top parts that open to accomodate the rotor blade have a tiny guide pin and a slot for this pin to slide in, on mine the slots were too tight to get the guide pins in, I had to use a small screwdriver to scrape some material out of the slots.

Aside from that it a good cheap pitch gauge for anyone with an android phone.

recuerde que tiene que tener un Smartphone, no tiene que ser iPod o iPhone, tambin sirve con android
Very good tool I uploaded some pics of the back so you can see how it comes together took 5 mins to build up I am very happy on its looks and how easy it is to use
if you have a smartphone you need buy one its more easy to fix the heli and adjust
Value: I gave it 2 crowns because it has a low price, but it really isn't a useful tool. I would have given it 1 crwon but again, it's low price should stand for something.

Quality: I gave 5 crowns because it is constructed well

Overall Rating: I had to give 1 crown. It comes with no instructions on how to put the thing together, had to use pictures from this web site to figure out what screws go where, and then once I got it put together I tried using it on my Blade 500 3D, and it's just way to heavy. I could hear the servos straining as I adjusted the pitch. So I would not recommend this product. Your better off using a higher quality pitch gauge.
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