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FPV Flight Simulator Joystick - FPV 1.5 Interface - X-Gyro 1500

FPV Flight Simulator Joystick - FPV 1.5 Interface - X-Gyro 1500

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The FPV Joystick System can control up to 4 channels on your FPV RC model! This makes for a great way to experience the ultimate in FPV by giving you the feel of flying your model with a real flight stick. 

Included is the USB connector, FPV system 1.5 for connecting the system to the trainer port of your radio and also the X-Gyro 1500 head tracking gyro. The joystick can be connected to your radio's trainer port for precisely controlling up to 4 channels. Also works in conjunction with the included X-Gyro head tracker for realistic FPV flight.

Joystick Features:
Ergonomic, ambidextrous stick with trigger and five buttons-all positioned for instant access in the heat of a battle.
Pinkie switch operates as a normal control or can be programmed as a "Shift Button" to double up your control functions.
Throttle lever for smooth, realistic engine control
Twist action rudder control
Unique removable legs for easy storage
Supported by Saitek's powerful SST programming software

Power consumption max: 250mW
Power supply: 5V DC

FPV Joystick
FPV 1.5 System Interface
X-Gyro 1500 Head Tracking Gyro
All Required Connection Cables


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I have this exact same joystick, but without the FPV adaptation. In many ways it's a great joystick, but it has a problem. The legs are not arranged in a stable triangle. The front legs are lateral. If you push the joystick forward enough, it can tip forward on the two front legs.

This is a minor irritation with a flight simulator, but it could result in a crash if you're flying a real plane with it. The solution is to anchor the rear leg somehow. It shouldn't be too difficult, but because the throttle is at the bottom of the rear leg, you can't just weigh it down. You'll need to glue, Velcro, or screw it to a solid surface.

One minor irritation is that the top of the stick is fairly flexible, and some of the top switches aren't very precise.

On the plus side, I really like the way the stick centers. I wish my RC transmitters centered like this stick does. Very smooth. It also has a lot of switches, and a thumb trim.

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I have one of this Josticks, have testet it with my FC-28 and FX-30 from Futabe. The 1500Gyro was ordered by AOE.

You need to connect it to the Trainer-port from your Transmitter. By the red Plug its the Best to connect a 2S Lipo.

Before using this System, its necessairy to trim a little bit. The joystick with all buttons works great and very precise. For FPV its much better to control your Plane.

By the Gyro i miss a little bit a button for make a reset to the zero-point.

First time the blue controller-box is not so easy to setup.

the axis: AX,AY are ONLY for the gyro.

then its necessairy to set the channels for the incoming signals.

the output you must set too.

its possible too to make 2 setups. you can change the mode with a button from the controller.

with a little 1000mah 2s you can fly a full day.

all in one, for this price a very good complete system.
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  • FPV Flight Simulator Joystick

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