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Turnigy Evolution Digital Mode 2 AFHDS 2A Radio Control System w/TGY-iA6C Receiver Black

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Turnigy Evolution Digital Mode 2 AFHDS 2A Radio Control System w/TGY-iA6C Receiver Black


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Turnigy Evolution Mode 2 PRO Digital AFHDS 2A Radio Control System (Black) w/TGY-iA6C Receiver

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The engineers at Turnigy have come up with another winner, the Turnigy Evolution. Designed with the FPV Drone flier squarely in mind, the Evolution features a striking new look and is amazingly compact. Its small size makes it very backpack friendly and the neat cover for the front of the controller keeps the face and gimbals safe during transportation.


The Evolution uses the solid and reliable 8 channel 2.4GHz Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS 2A) spread spectrum technology, making it compatible with the iA6, iA6B, iA6C, iA10B range of receivers. The system is supplied with the Turnigy TGY-iA6C Receiver for SBUS/IBUS and CPPM/PWM support. Twin omnidirectional high gain antennas are built into the outer case to provide an even more secure radio link and to protect them from damage.


The ergonomically designed case makes for easy use of all controls. The switches and pots are all positioned for comfort and the adjustable length sticks can be tailored to your own requirements. Speaking of sticks, the high quality, ball bearing gimbals are clear and have color changing, programmable LEDs that can change color with the use of the sticks. There is a pop-up potentiometer that could be used for camera gimbal control. Two 3-position switches on the back can easily be set-up to change the flight modes. A large monochrome backlit LCD Touch screen makes it easy to program and change the settings in both daylight and night-time. Five model memories  make it easy when swapping from one model to next by simply selecting the appropriate model memory (assuming that you've bound the next receiver to the particular model memory first!)


Each transmitter and receiver has its own unique ID to prevent other RC systems from accidentally connecting to or interfering with the Evolution.
Each transmitter hops between 16 channels in order to reduce interference from other transmitters. There is even a mini USB port for easy charging via a power bank (power pack) or phone charger / USB charger / PC. This can also be used for updates (via PC) or to use the Evolution transmitter as a controller for your favorite RC simulator programs.


The Evolution comes in either Mode 1 and Mode 2 and is available in black or white for each mode.

Note: All customers who have updated there Turnigy Evolution firmware to (3-Mar-2017) are advised to upgrade to the firmware HK-MT6 (available on the product files tab on our website). There has been an issue with the firmware update (March 2017) that may cause incorrect operation with the FS-A8S receiver. This is only applicable to customers who have manually updated their firmware. all factory supplied firmware is not affected and should be updated to firmware HK-MT6


• AFHDS 2A RF protocol
• Compatible with the iA6, iA6B, iA6C, iA10B range of receivers
• 8 channel 2.4ghz radio with telemetry capability
• i10 style customized Gimbals with dual ball bearing supports
• Illuminated gimbals (adjustable)
• Soft rubber grips
• Easy to use touchscreen
• SBUS/IBUS and CPPM/PWM support
• 5 Model Memory
• Backlit LCD Screen
• 4 Stick Mode Selection
• USB port for Flight Simulators
• USB charging


Transmitter  specs:
Channels: 8
Model type: Multi-rotor/Drone
RF range: 2.408~2.475 GHz
Bandwidth: 500 KHz
RF channel: 135
Protocol: AFHDS 2A
Modulation type: GFSK
Stick resolution: 4096
Low voltage alarm: Yes (<3.7V)
USB Port: Yes
Power input: 3.7V
Size: 179x81x161mm
Weight: 332g (without cover)
Certificate: CE0678, FCC ID:N4ZMT600, RCM

TGYiA6C Receiver:
Channels: 8
Model type: Quadcopter/Fixed-wing/Helicopter
RF range: 2.408~2.475 GHz
RF channel: 135
RX sensitivity: -105dBm
Range: >300 meters
2.4GHz system: AFHDS 2A
Modulation type: GFSK
Power input: 4 ~ 6.5V DC
Antenna length: 26mm
Size: 37.5 x 24.2 x 9.0mm
Certificate: CE0678, FCC ID:N4ZIA6COO, RCM
i-Bus port: Yes
Data acquisition port: Yes
Weight: 7.9g


1 x Turnigy Evolution
1 x TGY-iA6C Receiver (with leads)
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual

  • Capacity (mAh) 650.00
  • Turnigy Evolution Digital AFHDS Radio Control System w/TGV-iA6C Receiver
  • Italian Review: Turnigy Evolution Digital AFHDS Radio Control System W/TGV-IA6C Receiver
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Eu | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Very good!

Feb 03, 2020

Very good! A little slow

Walter | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Nov 21, 2019

Ordered it on sale price. What a bargain! Fantastic transmitter, feels perfect in my hand. Programming works well. Switched off the Leds, .... do not like this bling.
Thank you Hobbyking for this bargain!

christophe | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Bonne petite radio

Jul 25, 2019

modèle bien pensé pour débuter en racing, la forme gamepad est bien, tout tombe sous les doigts à part le bouton central un peu loin pour armer. facile à mettre dans un sac et protégée par le capot. il manque de quoi passer un strap mais il est facile d'en imprimer un en PLA par ex.

Lordkrud | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great quad controller

May 21, 2019

Great budget choice for beginner drone pilots! Easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Turnigy Evolution AFHDS 2A | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great system

May 15, 2019

Great system works fine noproblems

Scott | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Not bad.

Jan 22, 2019

As someone who FPV's from a transmitter mounted screen this isn't really an ideal TX for me, But I bought it because I really wanted to try a "Games controller" style TX, And at the time it was SOOOOO cheap it was hard to say "No".
As an AFHDS 2A only system it won't work with the older AFHDS receivers, So that means that a fair few of the older Beecore type "Whoop" boards and a lot of the last gen "FS" BNF brushed quads won't work with this, And only having 5 slots to save model profiles in could be a bit of a pain, But one strange quirk this thing has is that it will automatically bind with any models it's previously been bound with. So you just need to have a single "Master" configuration on the TX and set up all your FC's to use that switch configuration. Then bind all your models with that one profile. This way you don't ever have to change the profile you use, It just binds to whichever model's powered up. It means one less thing to mess about with if you often fly multiple different models in one outing.
Another plus side is that it's a nice sized and balanced unit that fits naturally in the hand. I have to use neck straps with my larger TX's because after an hour or so of flight time (Obviously with short breaks to swap battery packs or quads) my arms can start to ache quite badly. This one's light enough to keep going for a lot longer.
The battery life's not bad either, I can get a good couple of hours in the field on a charge, Then if I want to carry on I plug a home brewed XT60 to micro USB cable (with a built in 5v BEC) into it to charge it back up while still flying.
One thing that REALLY stands out on this TX is the gimbels. These are far and away the best ones you'll find on a budget TX. A beginner may not notice that their gimbels lack resolution and fail to center particularly reliably for a while, But once you get some stick time accumulated, the other TX's limitations will become glaringly obvious.
I use this TX mainly to fly indoor mini quads and as a sim controller at the minute. You can really feel the difference between this and an i6. The gimbels just feel so much more accurate.
The range is pretty good and will easily go way beyond the transmission distance of a 25mw VTX. I've only been out to around 400m in the open and 150ish meters in a forest, but didn't have any TX signal issues.
All in all, It's a really nice budget TX that is well worth the price, Even if you only need a controller for your flight simulator, It's still a serious steal !!!

Nicolas | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great Control, Touchscreen is dope

Jan 11, 2019

So I used this with my first quad built because it was on sale and am really happy.
Super easy to set up, loads of options and good explanatory videos on youtube how to do so. sticks feel nice too, does not feel like a cheap assembly. Many configurations options concerning the protocol and connections too, very happy with it. Touchscreen is obviously a nice gimmick.
Only minus is that the alarm is not loud enough, but according to other users this can be fixed by drilling a small hole.
The receiver is nice too, but you have to be really careful with the antennas. Next to being flexible and difficult to position, since the solders tear off real easy, they cannot overlap, so finding a good place to put them was difficult. I found a way to have them loosely connected to the frame on the bottom now, works fine for me.

Ryan | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

A Big X box controller looking thang

Jul 03, 2018

I use it all the time it works great for my q racer and for the simulator too.
I fly with my thumbs on this radio and it feels natural to me .
Check and tighten loose screws and your good to go/

adrianr | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great radio, highly recommend.

Mar 28, 2018

This is a great radio for anyone on a budget or even if your not. The usb charging is a nice feature. Touch screen works well. The sticks feel like good quality. I would happily buy again if I needed a replacement.

Miguel | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Jan 10, 2018

Genial para drone de fpv muy contento con la compra gracias HK

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