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NGH GTT70 70cc Twin Cylinder 2 Stroke Gas Engine

NGH GTT70 70cc Twin Cylinder 2 Stroke Gas Engine

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NGH Engines have a well deserved reputation for performance and value, they are purpose made model aero engines, not converted chainsaw types. The ongoing development from NGH makes these some of the best available on the market today.

The NGH GTT70 is a very powerful, horizontally opposed twin cylinder 2 stroke  engine that is very smooth running & produce excellent mid range torque.  Ideal for scale warbirds of prototypes that used radial engines.

This engine has been designed from scratch and features a Walbro carb, RcXEL ignition, ringed piston for better compression and a radial mount for easy bulkhead mounting.
With its striking looks and outstanding performance, the GTT70 Twin it is guaranteed to turn heads on any flying field.

• Compact and lightweight
• Smooth operation
• 2 stroke technology
• Aluminum radial mount included
• Excellent quality and performance

Type: Twin cylinder 2 stroke gas air cooled engine
Cylinders: Twin
Displacement: 69.88cc
Bore x Stroke: 37.3 x 32mm
Power: 7.9HP
Crank Type: Forged with dual bearing support
Carburetor: Walbro Custom WT1022
RPM Range: 1200 - 7000rpm
Ignition: Auto advanced RcEXL DC-CDI
Ignition battery: DC 4.8~8.4V 1000mAh recommended
Spark Plugs: CM6 RcEXL
Ignition Power: 4.8~6V DC (4~5 cell nimh battery)
Fuel: Unleaded Gas/Oil mix 35:1
Recommended Propellers: 22 x 8 ~ 24 x 10 2 blade
Weight: 2270g with ignition system

NGH GTT70 70cc twin cylinder 2 stroke gas engine
Walbro Custom WT1022 carburetor
RcEXL DC-CDI ignition system
CM6 RcEXL spark plugs
Custom radial mount


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I have 2 NGH 38 4str. Both perform very well. The 70cc was chosen for a 40% Fournier as it has the power and fits nicely in the cowl.
In order to fit a spinner there are 2 sleeve nuts. The larger sleeve nut secures the prop driver in place. This requires the standard prop centre to be drilled out to 13.75mm. this is in addition to the 4 bolt (M5) standard arrangement. The fixing holes in the prop driver are 10mm deep. If you are planning to use a spinner, then you will need to increase the bolt lengths by the thickness of the back plate. The supplied bolts are 35mm. I would go to 45mm and either use a thick washer under each bolt or reduce the lengths with a Dremel disc cutter. The second sleeve nut screws inside the larger sleeve nut and is threaded at 5mm for your spinner bolt to attach. A slightly quirky arrangement, but works ok. The quality and finish are excellent. The supplied spark plugs are badged RCxel and I would guess are better than the unmarked ones supplied by some vendors. Carburettor throttle/choke levers actually face in the right direction toward the firewall! If you remove the throttle lever and flip it around, it gets it working away from the choke lever! Fuel feed is safely out the way of the exhausts. The exhaust cans outlets are baffled with holes drilled through inside. This will take a little power, but keeps the noise down considerably. The width across the plugs with the caps on is 275mm. The ignition unit takes up to 8.4v so a 3s Lipo would be fine. but unit will work down to 4.8v so plenty of options. I will report back at another time after some run time
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verified_user Quality
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Bought this engine whilst at a good price and wanted a twin for a new model. Started to run it in as in the instructions and OK for about 35minutes. The engine started well on the factory settings and looked and sounded fine. Looks well finished. With 22x10 prop the initial impression was very pleasing. Unfortunately after about 45mins of run time a loud rattle appeared from the crank case which quickly developed. On stopping the engine it appears to have real problems - Prop binds, engine knocks, looks like there is an issue with the con rods or big end bearings. With mufflers off and plugs out it turns over OK but once plugs back in and under load it sounds dreadful. Now need to send it back to Hobbyking so not as good a deal as I thought as this is a heavy item. Not sure if I want to chance another NGH GTT70 or maybe I am just unlucky.
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verified_user Quality
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Mein Motor hat jetzt 2L 1:35 mit mineralischem Öl durch.Eine 22x12 wird locker mit 5400U/min gedreht und das Standgas liegt bei 2200U/min. Eine Feinabstimmung folgt noch. Der Motor sprang erst nicht gut an. Die Luftschraube muss auf 12 Uhr stehen, dann kraftvoll durchziehen. Die Schalldämpfer sind nur als Krümmeransatz zu verwenden, deshalb einen Stern abzug.
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Very nice engine High Performance easy to start, uses a power distribution with voltage regulator 6v, Prime the engine than handstart and results are very good. Advice this engine if you want a 70CC like boxer!
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