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H-King Junkers Ju-87B-2 Stuka 1400mm (55") ARF

H-King Junkers Ju-87B-2 Stuka 1400mm (55") ARF


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One of the most recognizable aircraft from the mighty Luftwaffe and WW2, the Junkers Ju-87 Stuka struck fear into the enemy with its menacing looks and Jericho trumpet dive bombing siren. Designed as dive bomber with a unique inverted gull-wing and fixed spatted undercarriage, and an automatic "pull-out" dive brake to ensure the Stuka recovered from an attack even if the pilot blacked out from the high "G" forces. A propaganda symbol of Germany's air power and with looks only it's mother could love the formidable Junkers Ju-87 was a fantastic element to Blitzkrieg victories during world war two.


H-King's Junkers Ju-87 Stuka is the B-2 variant and looks fantastic with its distinctive desert scheme. An almost ready to fly model built the traditional way with a balsa and plywood then covered with a matt finish covering with scale printed markings, weathering and color matched fiberglass cowl and wheel spats. 
Scale detail is superb with a painted greenhouse canopy, hinged ailerons and flaps, inverted gull wing, exhausts, air intakes spats and color matched spinner.
As an ARF you will need your choice of motor, electronics, glues etc to complete this model. Flying the Stuka is a charm, saying that it's not a trainer and you will need some hours on the sticks before you attempt to master the Stuka. Predictable in the air and flys like a warbird should. 
Prepare your fellow flyers and warn them the Stuka is coming.

• Almost Ready to Fly model
• High-Quality balsa/ply construction
• Scale detail covering with printed markings and weathering
• Underslung working ailerons and flaps
• Unique inverted gull wing design
• Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
• Painted glass house canopy
• High-quality hardware package
• Comprehensive construction manual 
• Designed for intermediate and advanced flyers

Wingspan: 1400mm (55")
Length: 1275mm (50")
Wing area: 34.5 dm2
Flying weight: 2000~2100g

1 x ARF Junkers Ju-87B-2 Stuka
All required hardware
Comprehensive manual

Minimum 5ch transmitter and receiver
1 x 35mm brushless outrunner motor
1 x 50~70A electronic speed controller
6 x 2~3kg metal gear servos
1 x 3300~4000mAh 3S Lipo battery
1 x 12x6 or 13x6.5 propeller



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Good quality kit. Read Gorazd reviev. He tells well how to assemble kit.
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This is ARF kit and demands some knowlege and a lot of patience.
So let's start.
First is the wing, I would suggest you that you read manual very carefuly, count those hinges, they are different for flaps and ailerons. Also, be careful with static flaps, flaps and ailerons since there is left and right side ones.
Test fit everything before gluing.
Hinges are glued with CA glue. Each slot is cut for particular hinge type, but as said before, test fit hinges before gluing them.
Control surface hinges are all the same and you can't miss there.
When glue dries, mount control surfaces to hinges using M2 macnine screws provided. Use loctite on your bolts and don't tight too much those bolts, control surfaces need to move easily.
I would suggest that at this time you insert servo extension leads in both wings and fix them with some masking tape.
Mounting landing gears is easy, I used 5 min epoxy for wooden blocks that come into landing gear cowling (manual says use CA, it's up to you).
Prepare all the screws needed and mark position for them. Landing gear struts fit easy into the wing.
Again, manual says that you should use CA glue to close landing gear hatches, but this time I used just some piece of tape in case that I would need to open them.
If you haven't inserted servo extension leads before, do it now.
Glue main wing together with epoxy glue and let it dry.
Fuselage is much easier to assemble, just be careful to insert elevator control first, then horizontal stabiliser through fuselage slot.
I used 5 minute epoxy for gluing horizontal stabiliser.
Insert CA hinges and connect elevator control surface and glue it witg CA glue.
Rudder control is also easy one, first glue with CA tail wheel landing strut (check fit before doing that) and then using CA hinges glue the rudder to the vertical stabiliser and screw tail wheel bracket to the fuselage.
Horizontal stabiliser support is glued to the fuselage (you need to measure and cut the slot with hobby knife) and screwed to the stabiliser.
Slide the push rods for elevator and rudder and screw ball link clevis on them. Connect clevis to the control horns with M2 machine screws and secure with loctite.
Mount main wing on the fuselage with provided screws.
There is one last thing to do, bottom wing cover that is made of very fragile plastic. You need to cut that plastic with hobby knife at marked lines that are barely visible and glue it with CA to the wing.
Again, I didn't use CA but just standard transparent tape.
And that is it. Now you can install electronics of your choice.
My setup:
Motor: RCTimer BC3548-6 790KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
ESC: HobbyKing 60A ESC 4A UBEC
Servos: Corona DS329MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 3.8kg / 0.11sec / 32g
Propeller: 11x7 wooden propeller
Battery: 4S 4000 mAh LiPo
With this setup I have around 10 minutes of flight.
check my youtube channel for full assembly videos and maiden flight:
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This is the former Hyperion Stuka, rebadged and in a new colour scheme from Hobbyking. Nice looking kit with very well done covering that includes printed panel lines and markings. The fuselage is over length for true scale but that it means it flys well as a result. Light weight so doesn't need excessive power, a 3s setup around 400-500W should be ample. Great value in the summer sale - thanks Hobbyking!
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