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HK-310 3 Channel 2.4ghz FHSS Ground Radio

HK-310 3 Channel 2.4ghz FHSS Gro...

 The HK-310 is the new kid on the block at a break through price!

Featuring 2.4ghz FHSS technology, a huge 16 model memory, Detailed LCD Display, an array of user programable features such as Dual rates, EPA, Steering and throttl...

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 The HK-310 is the new kid on the block at a break through price!

Featuring 2.4ghz FHSS technology, a huge 16 model memory, Detailed LCD Display, an array of user programable features such as Dual rates, EPA, Steering and throttle curves, ABS, timer and many more. The included 3ch HKR3000 Reciever has a bind button so you can say good bye to bind plugs for good!

16 Model Memory with user programable names
2.4ghz FHSS Technology
Dual Rate
ST Curve
TH Curve
TH Hold
ABS (Anti-Lock brake)
ATS (Automatic Start)
BK Mix (Brake Mixing)
Custom Mix
Fail Safe
Neutral Calibration
HKR3000 3ch RX (Included)
Detailed User manual

8 x AA Batteries



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A complete FHSS system for the price of a receiver. A very competent product.
Una muy buena emisora a un precio increble, con funciones que solo tienen emisoras de gama media alta, permite regular la velocidad de los servos de ida y retorno por separado, abs, exp, end point todos independientes, sub-trim ... y los mens son muy sencillos. La seal no genera interferencias con otros coches y tiene un alcance mas que suficiente.

El nico pero es que el volante tiene poco recorrido, y que tericamente sirve como cargador pero al menos en mi caso no carga las bateras si lo conecto con un cargador de 12V. Por lo dems una gran compra y muy recomendable.
Unbelievable features for the price. Great feeling in the hand. Not the most attractive in design but it does the job 100pcnt
Proved to be very strong as my 4 old son is using it to drive his new big toy :-)

Well built
Great all round battery works great with the mission d the wheel looks really really sturdy the hobby king logo in the middle looks great all round this is a great radio
i order already 3, but 1 of them have problem with the steering.(servo jiggering !!!)

To send back, shipment to expensif.

Other 2 ok.
2 Days ago I received my HK310 radio.
It looks OK, allthough the build quality is not the best. But that would be absolutely OK for the Price of about 30$.
The really bad think about the radio is, that the display doesn't show anything, which makes the Radio unusable. When I turn it on it makes a beep-sound, but thats all.
I would like to send it back, but 24hr support center does not reply on my messages...
The rx simply won't bind to transmitter. Have tried every which way and watched various utube videoed etc...very sad since the rx comes with the tx. So far a bad experience!
Funciona perfectamente. El alcance es impresionante, es decir casi dejas de ver el coche antes de que quede fuera de control. Es muy ergonomico y por ahora me ha dado 0 problemas.
The steering is twitchy and sticks sometimes.
It will not stay bound to the receiver (on several models)
Changing settings is not as fluid as it should be but for $31 it'll do.
The beeping this thing makes is like Fran Dreschers voice on helium.
It uses 8 batteries. Newer models usually require 4.
When I first purchased it, I really thought the settings were just to make me feel in control but had no actual effect.
This was probably my worst purchase from Hobbyking ever.
Been in the hobby for 6 years.
Hope the review helped.

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