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HK Pilot Power VI Module, Distribution Board And Dual UBEC ALL-In-One (120A and 10s)

HK Pilot Power VI Module, Distri...

The HK Pilot Power distribution and power module in one is simplifying your setup, reducing points of failures and makes for a clean and tidy install. The ALL-in-One has a PDB, Dual 12V and 5.3V UBECs, Voltage and Amperage sensors all integrated o...

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The HK Pilot Power distribution and power module in one is simplifying your setup, reducing points of failures and makes for a clean and tidy install. The ALL-in-One has a PDB, Dual 12V and 5.3V UBECs, Voltage and Amperage sensors all integrated on a standardized 45mm mounting package.

The power distribution side is on a standardized 45x45mm mounting size and is rated at 120A of current and more than enough contact points for a Octocopter. The dual Ubec’s are 12V and 5.3V respectively, for the HK pilot Flight controller and 12V aux gear such as FPV. The Amp and voltage sensor are compatible with HK pilot FC and APM/Pixhawk FC with the standardized 6 pin connector. The ALL-IN-ONE is 10s capable as well for HV application or right at home with 3s setups too.

PDB/12V and 5.3V UBECs/V and A Sensors all in one
120A capable
10s capable
16 power contact outputs 8+ 8-
Standardized sizing
HK Pilot APM/Pixhawk compatible

PCB Current: 120A outputs (MAX)
UBEC output current :2.5A
Power input: 2 x contact points
Power output: 16/8 x contact points and 2 for 12V UBEC 5.3V on the 6 Pin Plug
Dimensions: 50x50x5mm, Mounting 45x45
Weight: 11.6g 

Package Includes
UBEC power distribution board *1
6pin cable *1


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I bought one of these for a new quad build and it was working fine for a week but then my pixhawk stopped working and I couldn't figure out why. I plugged in another pixhawk from a different build and magic smoke appeared. On further investigation, I figured out why. The APM power module/sensor was outputting the raw battery voltage to the pixhawk. I had a 4S battery plugged in at the time so it was outputting >16v to my pixhawks - hence the magic smoke!

I've got 2 videos of the offending PDB here:

and here:

No one should buy this PDB - be warned! There is obviously some design flaw of the power module. I've notified Hobbyking and I'm waiting for a response and I'm seeking replacement costs for 2 pixhawk clones as a result.
I have purchased 3 of these. They are awesome little boards. I didnt find them hard to solder. Yes it takes some heat to get solder to flow but use a hot air gun to help warm the board while you are using soldering iron and everything flows perfect.

I personally do not think it needs holes drilled. I like the flat contacts. Works well with and the bond is nice and strong.

The first 2 boards that I had, had the 5v regulators blow out on them for now reason. I have checked and I am only pulling a little over and amp out of the 5v rail. The third one worked like a charm.

The built in V/I sensor is great. One less thing you have to put on your vehicle. I will buy this again!
Nice little PDB with everything you need
This board could benefit from a few design changes. First, the board should have thermal relief pads to make soldering easier. Second, holes could be drilled to make the physical wire connection more robust. Third, the addition of LEDs on the voltage regulators would make this product a little more user friendly.

I agree with the other reviewers that soldering to this board is very difficult. The secret is to use a good quality gun with good thermal recovery.
bonne plaque de distribution, pour le poids, le prix, et les deux sorties 5V et 12V
these boards are pretty much bulletproof, its my 4th one and i havn't had any issues with any of them
Nicely made and finished power distribution board with many input and output pads which provide easy soldering (just put the soldering iron on 400 degrees). Because of this it will be really hard to notice that you soldered wires by hand.
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Used the PDB on an X580 frame with a 4S battery powering 4 NTM 35-48 motors. Read the reviews of it being hard to solder, a cheap 15W soldering iron with an old tip will certainly not do the trick but a 65W iron worked just fine. Haven't used the BEC capability so can't comment, and since I have a quad only using half of the board but the price can't be beat and saves you from having to fabricate your own. Very pleased.
very difficult to weld while you use flux. I do not know what has or varnish coating leads but it is very difficult to weld. a good product that eventually turns into a nightmare thinking that cables can be released. As the wires carry the energy of our birds , we know what happens in case of a power failure ...
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