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HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm (PNF)

HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm (PNF)

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3186 g

The discus launch glider, the purest and simplest form of RC flight. The HobbyKing 1.5M Composite DLG Discus Launch Glider is no exception. Glider and Transmitter in hand, any open space becomes a flying field. A single battery will last for hours of thermal hunting fun. No winches or high starts needed. The act of launching via discus style yields the highest launches with minimal effort.

The HobbyKing 1.5M Composite DLG V2 is a European level of quality and precision, with a HobbyKing level price tag. Hand molded of the finest carbon, aramid and fiber glass cloth, this model oozes awesome. Opening the box you are greeted to the 1 piece vacuum bagged blue foam core wing. Carbon/Aramid cloth is laid on the 45 degree bias which gives a torisionally rigid wing, while carbon spar caps give longitudal strength. The wing tip launch peg comes separate allowing you to install in either the left of the right wing tip depending on launch preference. Live hinged, large size ailerons are set up for two servos allowing you to run them as flaps for augmenting camber, if using a 6+ channel radio system.

The fuselage pod of the DLG V2 is molded kevlar with carbon reinforcement for better rigidity, while a spiral wrapped tapered carbon boom holds the tail feathers and micro pushrods. The tail is vacuum bagged carbon matte skin over polyurethane foam cores.

The level of pre-fabrication is amazing. Available as an Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) and a Plug and Fly (PNF) options. Either option can be in the air with minimal work. This model is great down to the tiniest details. Wing bolt holes have aluminum inserts to prevent crushing of the foam if you tighten it too far. Hardware is overly sufficient to do the job, yet light weight at the same time.

Out at the field, with minimal effort, great launch heights can be achieved. The 1.5M Composite slows down easily even without flaps to allow hand catches, minimizing lost time, important for competition. With the quality and flight performance of this model, taking the local competition by storm is easy. In addition to being a great discus launch thermal glider, the 1.5M Composite also excels as a slope model in wind up to about 15mph. The extremely clean design allows it to penetrate the wind, even with its light weight.

Be sure to give this model a try, you'll be glad you did.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly, install your choice of electronics
• Version 2 features Kevlar/carbon fuselage pod for greater durability
• Vacuum bagged Kevlar/foam core wings with CF Reinforcing
• Carbon canopy and spiral wound tapered carbon tail boom
• Fiberglass fuselage pod with CF Reinforcing
• Carbon reinforced foam tail surfaces
• Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
• Live skin hinged ailerons
• Light weight control hardware

Wingspan: 1500mm
Length: 1135mm
Wing Area: 23.0 dm2
Wing Loading: 12.4g dm2
Airfoil: AG45-AG46-AG47
Flying Weight: 285g

3+ Channel transmitter and receiver
300mAh~500mAh 2S Lipoly (RX Power)


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verified_user Quality
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before i begin my review i sorry for my bad english.

this model flies very good but thare are some points to notice and possible upgrades for this beautifull model(more upgrades on rc groups).
the electronics i used besides the standard servos is
-a fireworm lc 16340 1000mah 3.7v becouse it was a round cell(20gr 15gr ballast).
i also bought a 500mah smartlipo but i do not recommand it becouse it is not round and too light.
-and a hobbyking tr6a v2 reciever.
(-without a bec)
(-a voltage alarm is a must (but cant find a 1cell)(crashed but luckaly no damage!)

i recommand using the included fibreglass tisseu to epoxy the horizontal stabilazor(especialy the rounded part on the boom)(broke 2 times luckaly no extra damage).
also the pushrods inside the keflar pod broke loose recommand extra flexible gleu(its hard to get in thare!).

i wish the aileron pushrods ware extendable for easy adjustment.
and i wish the aileron servos would be easely removable becouse thea are too large and could be better quality.

my total weight is 301 grams but could be reduced if using spring pull system
i hope my review will help people
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
Bought a V2 during the sale as a replacement for my beaten up Versus. It's a great entry level DLG with better wing and pod materials. Strengthened the boom to pod join and added extra epoxy to the wing mount nuts because they are a bit suspect. Changed the pod servos for Dymond D47 and moved the tray forward. WARNING the provided CA glue is not foam safe. It dissolves the wing core foam. Hobby King, you need to address this mistake.
It's OK at the sale price but way overpriced otherwise.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
The model is really good. Flies smoothly, without any jokes :) The fuselage pod is molded kevlar with carbon reinforcement ...very nice
Wing servos are OK but too thick. You'll need 8mm sercos like D47
DLG for beginners and intermediate skilled pilots. Lokks very similar to TopSky DLG's :)
Weight @ all = 280g incl. 300mAh 2S Lipo, Reciver, BEC and all servos.
Not bad!
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
Great plane and great value. Easy build. I found the reccomended cg range 78-84 to be a little to far back. I would reccomend starting somewhere between 75-78 mm behind leading edge. I did have to add some weight to the nose to get it to balance correctly. I also had to shorten the carbon on the aileron push rods to prevent binding.
Overall im pleased with this DLG, only a few smalll modifications were needed to get her into the air. European style build and quality, hobby king pricing!!!
verified_user Quality
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  • HK 1.5M DLG

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