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Hobbyking&#8482 Propeller 9x5 Black (CW/CCW) (6pcs)

Hobbyking&#8482 Propeller 9x...

3 x 9x5 Propeller Standard
3 x 9x5 Propeller Counter Rotating


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3 x 9x5 Propeller Standard
3 x 9x5 Propeller Counter Rotating


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Cheap props if you get them into a balanced state, but good luck with that, way off. Ill stick with gemfans.
Not sure if I got a bad batch, but these props are WAY out of balance. Tricopter performance was poor with my 1250 KV motors. Going back to SF 8045s.
Multicopters FC go crazy with these props mounted. They didn't even required a prop balancer to see that they were off balance. Very week and bending plastic. Do not order unless HK makes at least the balance better.

Good allround prop for smaller planes and multirotors, pity they dont do them with larger centre hole and spacers/rings, as I usually have to drill them myself instead.
I want to use it with contra rotating system of two motors. I was surprised to discover them to be very unbalanced. I was forced to cut a part of some end to make it balanced. That very disappointing me.
I use these on my tricopter with Turnigy D2830 motors. The adapters that come with the Turnigy motors must be around 5mm, so I use a needle file to ream the props. It's a crude way to do it, but good workout/exercise and I just kept working until they fit. While I was learning to fly and tune the tricopter, just a minor tipover would break the GWS 3 blade props. These HK props are much tougher and survived my training period.
otimas helices perfeita para 2822 e belos resultados em modelos de ate 1,2m de envergadura...
Really solid prapeller. Good for front motors or pushers. Great feel holding in my hand. Has a bunch of round adapters included. Good for starter multirotors because a lot of crashes you know.
Price is perfect but roduction quality is grapes, all have one propeller blade flared up and root on some propellers is badly cast, there is a hole-bubble. Propellers have large vibrations.
It took me time to figure out why my quad didn't operate good.
I first suspected the motor, but then it is clearly the props.
Even if well balanced, the two blades are yet not "leveled", I mean if you look in the rotation plan you will notice gap of several mm between the path of the 2 blades.
This results in a lot vibrations, which is not what you want for your quad, FPV...
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