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HobbyKing FPV250L Long Frame Drone A Mini Sized FPV Drone (kit)

HobbyKing FPV250L Long Frame Dro...

The FPV250L is a mini sized FPV drone measuring in at a mere 250mm. This durable, inexpensive FPV drone platform is perfect for FPV racing or obstacle course flying at your local field. The FPV250L or long f...

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The FPV250L is a mini sized FPV drone measuring in at a mere 250mm. This durable, inexpensive FPV drone platform is perfect for FPV racing or obstacle course flying at your local field. The FPV250L or long frame is a must have 250 drone offering more space and configuration options for park screaming FPV use.

The Long Frame version has a secondary precision CNC cut dual stacked frame, matched with hot red anodized aluminum standoffs. The fpv Pan and tilt system is still fully accessible with the servo slot considered as well as a new forward looking FPV camera mount between the frames. The flight controller bay is still fully accessible making any type of layout headache free. One possible option is to flip the Long Frame kit and have it hang from the bottom for a sleek low profile obstacle hugging machine.

The base frame is a glass filled one-piece nylon molded frame and is extremely durable, giving you the confidence to go FPV barnstorming and yet only weighs 110 grams (160g with L option). The front platform is designed to handle up to a 2 servo pan and tilt camera setup and the rear platform supports the video transmitter, to keep it all nice and balanced. The FPV250 has a center bay, large enough for most popular flight controllers and includes a top crash cage for protection. There are four integrated strap slots on the bottom to securely hold the battery in place for high G maneuvering. The FPV250 motor mounts can handle anything from a 1506 to 2208 motor and the vented arms provide plenty of cooling for your 7~12A ESCs. 

The HobbyKing FPV250L is a budget minded FPV basher, ready for daredevil obstacles or Spec Class FPV racing. It’s time to start practicing your FPV skills, race season is getting ready to start!

• One piece glass filled construction for durability
• Large 55x55mm cage protected flight controller bay
• Mounting Support for a 2 servo pan and tilt camera and video transmitter
• Wide range of motor and power options
• Removable landing gear
• Large secondary frame for more room and easier layout

Wheelbase: 250mm
Weight: 110g
Height: 126mm with landing gear and center cage


4 x Motors 1506~2208
1 x Battery 1300~2200mah 11.1V (3S Lipoly)
4 x Propellers up to 6in
4 x ESC’s 7~12A
1 x multi-rotor Flight controller
4ch radio (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)
FPV gear (optional) 


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I bought this for my first mini fpv drone, and it's though as hell, couldn't break it.
This frame won't fit 6 inch props. i have 5 inch and the almost hit the pilars. bit 5 inch is incredible good for this frame.
If you want this frame to last more than one flight make sure you don't touch it at all
This is a great little frame, I picked up 2 when they were on sale thinking I would need crash spares, countless crashes later I still haven't got the second frame out of the packaging. The only problem is the landing gear but its easy fixed either lock-wire them in or just fly with out. Its very easy to assemble and sturdy. All in all a very robust frame.
This is a must have. Great for spares as well. The frame will hold several cameras and your battery nicely. Good design and strong. Can be used either way up. Highly recomended
Franchement etonn de la qualit du produit.
I bought this quad copter frame as it looked durable, i am happy that it achieves that
This is a pretty good frame for slow racing. I wish it came with dampeners for video camera, and stronger landing gear. But truly for the price, its good enough.
Received this frame today to replace my Turnigy frame. It comes with no instructions but assembly is very easy. With the long frame add on there is A LOT of room for everything.

My build...
Motor: DYS BE1806-13
Props: Gemfan 5x3
Battery: Zippy 2200 3s 20c
ESC: Afro slim 20A
BEC: TURNIGY 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction
FC: KK2 mini

After initial setup and some P and I fiddling it will hover nice and stable. Unlike other cheaper frames this one doesn't flex nearly as much so you can really rip this thing around.

Something to note... If you want to use 6" props you have to mount the long frame upside down. Also the motor mounts on this frame are huge! You could even fit giant 28mm motors on it! (Although you would be severely under propped) If you use the same motors I did you will have to either use small washers or like me use part of my old frame to mount the motors to then mount that to the new frame.
The end of the arms - where the motors are mounted are the weakest spot. Have tried epoxying and reinforcing with carbon rods. But epoxy does not really bind to the material, even with scruffing and proper cleaning.
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