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HobbyKing Nutball Fun Flyer EPP 460mm (Kit)

HobbyKing Nutball Fun Flyer EPP 460mm (Kit)

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The best darn RET foamy yet. The tagline given by the designer of the Nutball. Designed and made famous by GoldGuy on RCgroups, the Nutball has gained a cult following as an open source Rudder, Elevator, Throttle design, with many variations and modifications being seen over the years. Working with permission of the designer, HobbyKing brings you a full Nutball kit. The all EPP foam airframe is pre-cut and has an attractive multi-color scheme printed directly to the foam.

The low parts count and simplicity of the airframe is one of the reasons for the popularity of the Nutball. It'll fly slow, do loops, and rolls. With the included landing gear it is the ultimate touch and go machine for flight sessions in the park. Being all EPP it is also extremely durable which leads to a high fun factor. No worries of damage here.

Be sure to to check it out, you'll have a ball!

• Kit only - you supply your choice of motor, electronics and battery
• Pre-screened multi color graphics
• Durable all EPP foam airframe
• High Fun factor, low pucker factor
• Tail dragger landing gear
• Carbon fiber pushrod material included

Wingspan: 460mm
Length: 505mm
Flying Weight: 95~100g

3+ Channel transmitter and micro receiver
1306 3100KV brushless motor
2 x 3.7g servos
6~10amp brushless ESC
2S 7.4V 200~ 500mAh lipoly battery
6x3 GWS propeller
Foam safe glue


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This little beast flies like nothing else. What a buzz.
I had a small motor (1811 1500kv) that I used, and whilst it flies well and will loop with it, it is a little underpowered but would still be OK indoors.
I ordered the AX 2500kv motor and believe it will be more than adequate. I am using 610 mAh batteries and they give a great flight time. Prop is the same as I use on my 250 Quad, a 5x4 GemFan.
I was really amazed how slow this thing can fly in nose up attitude, but then again, it can really move when you want it to.
The Nutball can be easily flown in an area that I could previously only fly quads as it is surrounded by trees but the Nutball requires virtually no space for take-off or landing.
If you are looking for a true indoor flier then try the Nutball.
It is a lot of fun outdoors as well but prefers calm conditions.
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verified_user Quality
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very relaxing little thing to do fly
i do use the park 250 from here with a 6X5 slow fly (from rc timer sorry you don't have some) and the little nano tech 300mah.
you can make it stay hovering or do "rolloops" in the garden with ease
about 10mn of flight time with this setting
handles a little wind no problem if COG a bit further than told (so 1 to 2 cm from the carbon rod to the front)
video to follow as it diserve it
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verified_user Quality
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cool flying disc will be nicer to fix it with led
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  • HobbyKing Nutball Fun Flyer EPP 460mm

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