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HobbyKing Pod Racer Boat 520mm (ARR)

HobbyKing Pod Racer Boat 520mm (...

The HobbyKing Pod Racer is a pure racing machine! This outrigger style boat gets on the plane quickly and stays there. This extended sponson design allows for incredible speed and stability in high rate turns making this one of the most fun micro ...

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essential items and

The HobbyKing Pod Racer is a pure racing machine! This outrigger style boat gets on the plane quickly and stays there. This extended sponson design allows for incredible speed and stability in high rate turns making this one of the most fun micro boats we have seen.

A 2845-3700kV Water Cooled brushless motor, 40amp Water cooled ESC and 9 gram servo have been pre-installed, simply install your receiver and battery then take to the water!

Length: 520mm
Width: 330mm
Weight: 562g (No battery or receiver)
Motor: 2845-3700kV Brushless Outrunner (Water Cooled)
ESC: 40Amp (Water Cooled)
Servo: 9 gram

Radio: 2 Channel
Battery: 1800~2200mAh 3s 11.1v Lipoly


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n'achetez surtout pas ce modle. je viens de le recevoir... Le capot est vrill et donc inutilisable, il ne ferme pas comme il faut. le support moteur et servo sont dcolls il faut tout refaire dedans car ils taient tenus avec juste 2 points de colle. le tube d'tambaut n'est pas fix correctement il faut le refaire aussi. la qualit de la peinture est nulle, toute ray et trs mate avec plein de dfauts.

rapport qualit prix il est trop cher pour ce que c'est.

Vous serrez du coup sur.
Bloss nicht kaufen!
Die schlechteste Qualitaet die jemals bei Hobbyking gesehen habe. Deckel passt nicht und gebrochen, Motorspannt nicht fest, Ruderanlenkung verbogen und Gummituelle kaputt, Lackierung saumaessig ausgefuehrt, Fehler (ESC) falsch programmiert,keine Doku, also laeuft Motor nicht, und, und , und ....
Come on guy's, this Podracer for the money is a great little boat. My prop snapped,the grub screw holding the rudder came loose but I soon sorted them out and was on the water again in 5 minutes. Typical HK quality,just needs a nip and a tuck. I would recommend this Podracer to any one. It is fast and stable once you get the balance right and the battery in the right place. Another great little boat from HK, well done and thank you!!
Mine arrived in Jersey Channel Islands only a week after ordering it, well packed and in one piece.. All the hardware is there and fitted just leaving me to add the rx and li-po. I brought two nano-tech 2.2 35-70c Li-Po's at the same time and just need to fit them and off to water I will go. I have no concerns over the quality of the finished fibreglass shell, another great looking and well built boat from HK. I will let you know how she goes on the water.
Great boat! The motor mount was loose in both of the ones I bought. Probably broke during shipping. Might need strenghtening of the motormount. Great power. The prop that comes with it is a bit weak so buy the ones in metal as spare as the original will break eventually.
Got mine in today. Quality looks good.

Came with a plastic prop which I keep hearing is too small and weak.

The BEC doesnt work. I guess I will have to replace it myself. According the the Support group I have to send the whole boat back so they can check it out.

Took 5 weeks for order to show up. Shipping will cost more then the BEC.
high speed and high stability rc boat, motors and servo is installed an works well, good quality for the fiberglass material, Very nice hull, with a good design, good job...
Franchement bien, il est beau,trs bonne qualit pour la coque et gourvernail

il est arriv bien emball , par contre la plaque servo et support moteur a recoll avec une vraie colle!

il se comporte bien, l'lectronique semble de moyenne qualit mais pas de chauffe en lipo 3s

on s'amuse bien on l'a pris au radar a 65 km\h je pense qu'on peut faire 70

l'hlice a tenue 2 pack par contre... bon peut tre une branche qui trainait ? je ne sais pas,

je recommande

Another out of the box review.
It looks really
The paint is very thin on some places.
The paintjob of the hatch is even thinner, I can see the glass fiber and appears another colour.
Hatch fits ok, but there is a good 2mm play. There is no locking what so ever, so I suppose tape it down every time is the way to go.
(This maybe is normal, it's my first rc boat)
There is a 0,5-1mm play in the brass prop bushing.
Exept from those minor flaws the "boat" looks stunning, sleek and fast.
I suppose I will have to buy a bigger prop, but I will maiden it stock asap.
Here is my out of the box review.

Pro: The hull is very stabil. Engine and servo is installed an works well.

The other hardware (ruder&strut) is also nicely finished.

Cons: Packing was bad, the sponsons came through the box (not damaged!). The coupler between Shaft and engine is excenter, need to be replaced due to vibrations. It came with a small 27mm plastic prop (too small and weak). Screws need to be tightened and glued in. The bush bearings clearance is big, so you can move the propshaft radial.

With some modifications you can turn it to a racer i guess.

All in all i would buy it again.
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essential items and

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