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HobbyKing Slowfly Propeller 10x4.5 Black (CW/CCW) (4pcs)

HobbyKing Slowfly Propeller 10x4...

HobbyKing Slowfly Propeller 10x4.5 Black (CW/CCW) (4pcs) - Complete with spacer rings.


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HobbyKing Slowfly Propeller 10x4.5 Black (CW/CCW) (4pcs) - Complete with spacer rings.


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Helices para multicopteros yo en este caso las compre para el Canadair CL-84 Dynavert Tilt-Wing VTOL PNF
do as it says slow fly and make sure you check prop nut because they get lose after some flight
I can confirm this pack contains one 2CW and 2CCW. Managed to get these to fit on my F450 with DJI style fitting on the motor. Just used a M6 Star Washer to keep it from moving about. Ring adapters are also included but i did not use them worked fine for me.
Properly balanced these propellers still exhibit 2-3mm of distortion at the blade tip in flight. They are extremely thin and on the red coloured option you can actually see through the blades.
Great props, light and well balanced, but little fragile it breaks easily
Fantastic item, I use it all the time in all places and electronics. Nice n shiny finish, good covering finish
Surprisingly sturdy props. I have crashed countless times and I have yet to break a single prop (a few chips here and there but that no problem). They do have to be balanced just like any other props but for the price they seem incredibly well built. Very pleased
Buena calidad y bajo precio.
We are advance climbing fire and rescue spotters, these heavy lift blades for turingy sk-450, are capable of lifting infra-red cameras. We launch at over 8,000 ft, sometimes as high a launch as 12,ooo ft. Overall altitude of as high as 14.000 ft above sea level. These blades came in perfect balance. Because of our special needs for the replacements, HOBBYKING got them them to us in 4-5 days! Fro very high-up in colorado BUSHPILOT T.Wiley
look good and is good

not well balanced but good :)
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