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HobbyKing YEP 150A (2~6S) SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

HobbyKing YEP 150A (2~6S) SBEC B...

We are proud to offer you our YEP ESC series. Although being an exceptional helicopter ESC the YEP range is unbelievably popular with fixed wing aircraft. Featuring programming options such as super smooth soft start, fixed RPM mode (governor mode...

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We are proud to offer you our YEP ESC series. Although being an exceptional helicopter ESC the YEP range is unbelievably popular with fixed wing aircraft. Featuring programming options such as super smooth soft start, fixed RPM mode (governor mode) and ultra high resolution, you'll be hard pressed to find a better ESC on the market today! 

We have tested these units on our own helicopters and found them to be among the best we have ever seen. The super smooth soft start, along with its ultra high resolution throttle response puts this ESC in a class of its own!

YEP ESCs are built to last and can be programmed via optional programing card or by transmitter stick inputs.

• Powerful 5.5V/6A Switching BEC
• Optional programming card for convenient setup 
• Super fine throttle resolution provides first-rate and highly accurate linearity 
• Super smooth adjustable start-up mode
• Constant RPM mode (governor mode)
• Adjustable F3A brake.  
• 3 steps adjustable normal EMF brake  
• High anti-interference capability
• Low voltage cut-off protection with automatic adjustment for NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFePO4  
• Soft cut-off option at low voltage, slows motor RPM gradual rather than hard cutoff (LVC)
• Low voltage cut-off can be disabled  
• Variable cut-off voltage / cell    
• Active free-wheeling circuit allows for unlimited "partial load" capability
• LED status display  
• Adjustable motor timing from 0° to 30°  
• Blocked rotation protection (senses a jammed motor and stops motor rotation)  
• Motor reversing from ESC (no need to change ESC/motor wires) 
• Over-temperature protection and overload alarm  
• Throttle signal lose protection. If the signal is lost for 3 seconds, the power will automatically cut-off.  
• Safe power-on. (Motor will not start until throttle is returned to lowest position) 

Max Cont Current: 150A
Max Burst Current: 170A for 10 seconds
Input Voltage: 2-6 cells li-XX or 6-16 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery
BEC: 5.5V/6A Switching BEC
PWM: 8~16 KHz
Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Poles Brushless Motor
PCB Size: 70x32x15mm
Weight: 95g (including wires)

**Programming card is required to change setting 


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Montato su un Sab Goblin 500, dopo qualche volo si e' bruciato costringendomi ad eseguire un'autorotazione con il modello molto lontano da me.
Comunque i danni sono contenuti al carrello e all'ingranaggio principale.
Da notare che prima del 150 Ah avevo montato un 100 Ah sempre YEP che funzionava benissimo.
Preciso che non e' stato cambiato nessun settaggio dal 100 al 150 e che il motore non e' stato sostituito, quindi e' sicuramente il regolatore difettoso.
Non acquistatelo.
A friend of mine and me together have about 10 of these speed controllers running in different applications from aerobatic plane, hotliner, EDF to boat. They are our first choice according price/value as long as the 150A version can be fitted into the model. Based on the price policy smaller versions only make sence if you can not fit this one into the model.

It definately makes sence to buy the prog card.
We have this controller running on almost all types of motors (from 2 pole inrunner to high pole outrunner). With the prog card we always found a setting that worked well but for this you definately need this card.

Best Regards!
Kein Vergleich zum Original,wenn man keinen rger mchte sollte man lieber etwas mehr bezahlen und hat Qualitt
got a bad one. ordered a year ago. Plugged it in then and made sure it work. Dint really test long, heard some beeps and motor ran. A year later got around to finishing the super sniper build with a het 36mm 2000kv motor on 6 cell. As I was programming with the controller. Noticed the motor jerked while in programming. Tried everything still happened random. So Did a few static runs. I did a couple full power, but sometimes when i pulled back down from power it would just cut out. like i had lost a signal but all servos would be working. Then the esc would start getting very hot if i dint unplug it. Once unplugged and reconnected it would work again. Still random the esc would send mini blips of power to the motor. At random times ether when hooking up the battery, or stick all the way down or in any part of programming. I have several other YEP esc like the 40's ,60's and 120HV .... All work flawless . But this 150 esc was a bad one...
gia e da molto tempo che uso questi regolatori,qualita buoni bisogna solo imparare a farci la regolazione con la schedina
Betreibe mehrere YEP Regler (60-150A) schon seit zwei Jahren, ohne Probleme. Programmier-Karte sollte dazu gekauft werden, was die Programmierung sehr erleichtert. meglio che si possa trovare su hobbyking
I use this esc in Taft Viperjet with Wemotec Midi HET pulling 110A cont. 125 burst. I have 50 flights till today. Temperature after full throttle flight is 40C (outside temp 28C). Soft start and Freewheeling function make this ESC top for me. Great!
Toller Regler. ist nun mein 4. Hatte bis jetzt keine Probleme. Aber als Hinweis, nehmt die Programmierkarte mit dazu.
Second flight. Burned out on me. Just using 115 Amps. HK does not refund nor takes quality issues serious. In a reaction on my video in wich i tried to emergencyland (splitsecond decisions) a powerless Cobra with 2bft tailwind Mr Leonard P HobbyKing CS Asst. Manager/Product Specialist even made the stupid remark "thanks for the entertainment". What stupid arrogance. HK, take control over your employees and waranty policy. . Here the video in wich the Esc burns out after the crashlanding during testing:
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  • Programming the YEP using throttle

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