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HobbyKing® ™ BAE Hawk 90mm EDF Composite 1140mm (ARF)

HobbyKing® ™ BAE Hawk 90mm EDF C...

Designed for the RAF to replace the Folland Gnat, the BAE Hawk has become one of the most succesful jet training aircraft ever built and is used by many Nations both as a trainer and as a combat aircraft. The Hawk is of course used by th...

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Designed for the RAF to replace the Folland Gnat, the BAE Hawk has become one of the most succesful jet training aircraft ever built and is used by many Nations both as a trainer and as a combat aircraft. The Hawk is of course used by the world famous Red Arrows display team and it is undoubtedly one of the prettiest military jets ever built, especially in this fantastic display scheme!

This beautiful Hawk just oozes quality, the deep gloss finish and attention to scale detail is amazing, this level of finish is normally reserved for large scale turbine models and EDF models with a much, much higher price tag, even the scale pilots and cockpit are included. The one peice removable wing is retract ready and features flaps, the glassfibre ducting is well designed & all included, the hardware is also good quality, as you would expect for a model this well made. For the final touch, we have a set of purpose built electric retracts available, which feature sprung scale trailing link leg's and alloy wheels, they are designed to fit straight in with no mod's (NOT included, see related items below).

As well as truly amazing looks, this HobbyKing® ™Hawk is designed for performance, there is tons of canopy space for Lipoly's, a high power 6s set up would be the minimum for jet like performance, 8s would take you into ballistic territory! The Hawk is such a stunning jet to fly, both fast and aerobatic, so we would reccomend High Torque Metal Gear mini servo's all round. This high quality BAE Hawk is one of the best looking and performing 90mm EDF jets available anywhere, a genuine scale, high performance EDF at an affordable price, for jet fans, this Hawk is a must!

Wingspan: 1140mm
Length: 1220mm
Flying Weight: 2600g~2800g
Wing Area: 24dm2
Wing Loading: 108g~116g/dm2

6 Channel TX/RX
90mm EDF Unit
36mm EDF Motor (6s capable Min)
6~8 Mini High Torque MG Servo's
80A~100A ESC
5000mAh 6s Lipoly Battery (Min)

* Does not include fixed landing gear, retracts required.
* Please set C of G to 105mm from the leading edge of the wing where it meets the fuselage for the maiden flight and adjust to suit.


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Hi Every one

Yes i have flown this jet i have set it up with a changesung 90mm 12 blade edf with a Turnigy SK3 90mm (8S 3000w) Fandrive Brushless EDF Motor - 3968-1500KV.ESC i used is a castle creations Talon 120HV also installed a seperate BEC installed metal servos and metal retracts flying on an 8s nanotech 500mah lipo see youtube clip below for its maiden, cg was 105mm from the leading edge copy and past the you tube clip below.
~$200 to my door for a semi-composite jet!? You gotta be kidding me! They're not! Polyester-glass moulded fuselage, complete with all panel lines and an incredible paint-job with full decals. The wing and horizontal stabs are built-up. I made a couple of minor mods:
(1) Epoxy-glass all retract mounts. The mounts are strong enough, but the mains especially need reinforcement on the wing skins where the mounts attach.
(2) Use an epoxy-glass bandage around the wing center-section join. The instructions don't call for it, but the swept wings have no joining dihedral brace.
(3) I made a custom plate for the nose retract to improve its mounting.

Turnigy 5000mAh 8S cells, 3000W (initial) settling to 2500W mid flight. It takes off rapidly and flies very smoothly. Youtube vid of the landing in the Discussion section. Keep the speed up and fly it like a jet - it's NOT A BIXLER!!!!

Fan: PRODUCT ID: 444000002-0
Motor: PRODUCT ID: 9192000089
Retracts: PRODUCT ID: 107000025
Nose-strut: PRODUCT ID: 9107000315-0
Main struts: modified PRODUCT ID: 344000010
Received my kit some weeks ago here in Brazil with a broken wing (see pics in the files). HK promised to send me another wing, but until today nothing.....
So I managed to fit it and assembled the plane with a 90mm Taiwan Tornado all metal EDF, 100A YEP ESC, PowerHD servos and electric retracs from HK. With a 6S5000 mAh LiPo the plane weighs 3,45 kg, impossible to build it with the 2,6 - 2,8 kg as stated.
Beside the broken wing, the plane is really beautiful and very well made.
PS: no wheel wells and drop tank too!
I received this jet in PA within 10 days. I am going to be putting a turbine in it. Perhaps a 44 size or a 60 size turbine.

My first impressions when inspecting the jet and all of its pieces was complete satisfaction. Everything came well packaged and well made. The paint finish and details were superb. Some of the parts will require a little bit of work to get them to fit and look excellent, but that will be had with a jet from any manufacturer.

I would definitely recommend this jet and would buy again.
Received my Bae hawk today very poorly packed for a composite edf plain they pack the fomies better nothing but cardboard and tape they get a 2 for packing they also get a 2 for misleading people that the scale pilots come with this jet when they do not? the manufacturer gets a 4 for a nice looking model but HK get a 2stars over all..sorry HK but you should check each model with what it comes and remove the BS in the text regarding the scale pilots....
The kit is perfect, but no Pilot and no cockpit detail. The other item of my order in put (servo, retract) in a box , in side the plane box , without protection. The canopy is break in two parts. Not serrious !!!
Rec'd in normal double box setup in 9 bus. days to Midwest from USA WH. One side of the inner box has the 1 piece wing along it. I can feel an indentation and soft spot about 1 in square from the box creasing in. The other side of the box had nice thick bubble wrap along it....had they put the bubble wrap along the wing side(i suspect that is what they were supposed to be doing) it would have avoided damage. I will repair on my own. Like someone mentioned in the Internat. WH section...the decals on the tail are put on noticeably crooked. This absolutely will draw my eye every time I fly this. Unfortunate because the paint and finish is superb. I am just not excited about it much because of that...I will fly it the crooked decals just ruin this plane for me. If you do not plan on repainting this I would avoid purchase, at over $200 it is no bargain.
Just received my kit from the Australian warehouse and ordered the main parts to complete from the International warehouse. I think this kit is amazing value for money. Please don't moan everyone (unless the model has been damaged during shipping) - HK are offering these products at great value for money. Will post how my build and test flights go.
Hi Everyone

Has anyone flown this Hawk, could someone tell me the C G.

The book says one C G on Hobbyking if click on the Hawk at the bottom

of the page it says please set C G at 105mm which is different to the manual.


Have any of you actually even flown the model??? I think that is more relevant than crapping on about what you think of the colour scheme.
Something constructive please.
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