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HobbyKing® ™ Mini Breeze Glider EPO 900mm w/Motor (ARF)

HobbyKing® ™ Mini Breeze Glider EPO 900mm w/Motor (ARF)


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If you're looking for the perfect park fly model or simply a relaxing Sunday flyer, have a look at this! The Mini Breeze is a good looking "pod and boom" style glider that is just as the name implies - a real "Breeze" to fly. Not only is it easy to fly, it's easy to build as well. The Mini Breeze can be ready to fly in about 15 minutes!

The Mini Breeze features a combination of ultra-durable EPO foam and carbon fiber construction making it not only lightweight but also very durable. The plastic removable canopy is secured with magnets allowing quick removal for battery swaps. The two-piece wing simply attaches with rubber bands making it simple to install and crash resistant, it's also reinforced with glass fiber making it very rigid for a model this size. Perfect for new pilots where landing can sometimes be a bit tricky and for flying in small areas such as parks or sports fields.

This version of the Mini Breeze comes ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) with a 1306 3100KV brushless motor included. You will simply need to add your own 3.7g servos x 4, 6A brushless ESC, 4ch radio system and 2S lipoly battery to complete this model.

• Almost Ready to Fly w/Motor - simply add your own radio system, servos, ESC and batteries
• Ultra durable EPO foam construction
• Carbon fiber tail boom keeps the model light while offering excellent rigidity
• Stable flight characteristics make it perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike
• Highly efficient brushless motor pre-installed
• Easy and fast assembly

Length: 660mm
Wingspan: 900mm
Flying Weight: 200~220g
Motor: 1306 3100KV (included)
Propeller: 4540 (included)

4ch transmitter and receiver
2S 450~610mAh lipoly battery
6A brushless ESC
4 x 3.7g servos


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Fun to fly but there are issues - it is very light and hard to start. While motor is working plane is twisting to the side very much tending to drop and you have to keep aileron all the way to other side just to keep it flying. Glides well, though.
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verified_user Quality
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I bought a second mini breeze glider after the first one crashed beyond repair (not the plane's fault) - it's a fun plane to fly - I'm an experienced modeler but a beginner RC pilot - the model behaves well. I bought the recommended components except the battery which was a little too big for the space available (shipping of lithium batteries by air is not possible). The only issues I had was that the aileron servo leads are too short and I had to splice extra wire to make them work - I tried 30 cm extensions (F26S) but there was not enough room in the fuselage for the extra wire - 10 or 15 cm extensions are sufficient. I ended up making the Y leads a custom length. The other issue was figuring out how to position the receiver and rudder and elevator servos so that everything fit. The solution was to place the ESC on the side wall of the fuselage beside the elevator and rudder servos, and put my too-big-for-the-space battery on a platform I made with carpet tape that spanned the opening. It worked fine and I trimmed it so that the tape was invisible. Flying it at half throttle max worked well for learning how to control the model. I also purchased the HK RC flight simulator and this helped a lot - but don't fly for real until the controls are second nature is my best advice.
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Nice little glider. It does have a problem with the wing joining system though. It's only a small joiner (not like the full length spar that the floater jet has for example) and it tends to break quite easily. The two wing halves are only connected via that one joiner which is near the front of the wing so it isn't very stable.
The elevator is also a little stiff and the side with the horn tends to move more than the other side. I cut the hinge line and used blenderm tape and also put a small carbon fibre rod along the elevator.
Otherwise, not bad. I think the floater jet might be better though
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  • HobbyKing® ™ Mini Breeze Glider EPO 900mm w/Motor

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