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HobbyKing® ™ Sky Eye EPO FPV/Glider w/Flaps 2000mm (PNF)

HobbyKing® ™ Sky Eye EPO FPV/Gli...

The Sky Eye is a large plug and fly glider designed for the FPV pilot who is looking for all the benefits of a larger model that is also fast to get into the air and won't break the bank!
Make no mistake, the Sky Eye is a biggie! ...

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The Sky Eye is a large plug and fly glider designed for the FPV pilot who is looking for all the benefits of a larger model that is also fast to get into the air and won't break the bank!
Make no mistake, the Sky Eye is a biggie! That said, it is also really practical and features a 2pc plug in wing and huge magnetic canopy for easy camera and Lipo access. Being a plug and fly model, the Sky Eye is really quick to assemble, the heavy duty mini servo's are all pre-installed, as is the powerful 35mm brushless out-runner motor and ESC, in fact setting up your camera in the supplied transparent camera dome is going to be the longest job of the build!
As the old saying goes, the bigger they are, the better they fly and with a 2 metre span, the Sky Eye provides a high lift, stable and virtually un-stallable camera & FPV platform thanks to it's generous wing area and effective pre-installed flaps. The powerful brushless outrunner and 8" prop combo offer an excellent climb rate while the effectively sized four channel control surfaces offer absolute control at all speeds. This fantastic model offers a fun and easy to fly glider and FPV/Camera platform in a simple & fast to build format that is totally affordable and perfect for pilots of every ability, the Sky Eye offers something unique and familiar rolled into one great priced package!
• Tough EPO Construction
• Plug and Fly Format, Simply add a Battery and Reciever!
• Large Size Ideal for Stable Flying in a Variety of Weather Conditions
• Unique Nose Mounted Transparent Camera Dome
• Pre-Installed Landing Wheel
• Pre-Installed Flaps
• Large Magnetic Canopy
• Plug In 2pc Wing for Easy Transport
• Powerful 35mm Brushless Outrunner
• Large Payload Capability
• Large CF wing Tube
Wingspan: 2000mm
Length: 1100mm
Weight: 1350g
Wing Area: 46.3dm2
Wing Loading: 29.2g/dm2
Servo: 6 x Mini 17g
ESC: 30A w/BEC
Motor: 3536 Brushless Outrunner 900kv
Prop: 8x6
All Hardware & Instructions Included
Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery (Min)
Foam Glue or CA/Kicker


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Hay BJRN I would assume you know the motor is supposed to be "skewed" off to one side to counter act for the prop... IE it does not point straight back.
I purchased the product from HK and got it about 1 week later (EU-Warehouse). Unfortunately the motor mount is totally screwed up. Its super skewed so that i dont even need to put the whole plane together. I Dont know who checks the products before shipping...The plane itself looks good, much space to play around. Just need a fitting motor mount. Hope HK will care about its customers.

Very good plane specially for FPV. Easy to takeoff, fly and land. Stable and glides well without power. Lots of room for gear and batteries, carries weight very well. Stock setup seems to be good and pretty fast too, almost 100km/h. Recommended CG is good.

My setup:
Stock Sky Eye
Turnigy TGY-i10 RX(and TX)
Skyzone 200mw video tx
Arkbird autopilot with GPS
Turnigy nano-tech 3000mah 25-50C (Upgrading to 5200mah EASELY!)
Sony 1/3 inch CCD cam for Arkbird
Turnigy Actioncam or Hobbyking Wing cam or both for HD video
received my Sky eye last week. put my dragonlink and 1.3 gear with dosd in it and it flies great. it's like a larger bixler or floater jet. I read some negative reviews before buying this, people complaining about tip stalls and such, but I can tell you it handles very tame, lands smoothly (especially with flaps deployed about 30 degrees), and has tons of rooms for gear/batteries. I picked this plane because it is inexpensive for a PNF plane and is very large. I highly recommend it. the esc and servos have held up great. it's awesome, you won't find a better deal for an fpv plane this size. why spend hundreds of dollars for a similar sized plane which isn't ready to fly and still requires electronics? I flew this 5.5 miles away (11 round trip) on a 5000 mah battery with only 2800 consumed by the time I landed.
This is my first plane and I'm really not deceive by it. I did a lot of hard landing with it and it still fly perfectly (with of course much more glue and tape:-P)
I really recommend this plane for FPV platform. Yes the dome will get scratch but I prefer that to my camera! Some people have complaint about sun glare on the dome, but it didn't affect me at all. I've replace the motor with a turnigy sk3 3536 1200kv (had to modify the mount) and put a bigger 9x7 prop. Fly like a charm! For bigger prop and motor, there is an aluminium mount available online.
My complete setup is:
- turnigy 9x transmitter with Frsky XJT and L9R rx
- arkbird autopilot OSD
- vtx: ts58500, vrx: T832 with spironet antenna (I also use an helical 7 turn)
- quanum V2 goggle
- camera: sony effio-v and mobius for recording (mount on canopy)
Maiden fpv today. I dont think my 2200mah was heavy enough, she drifted all over the place even though the balance was well forward. It has plenty of power to fly well it doesnt need more, but it would be nice to have extra torque to pull out before the trees, if you glide past your runway. It glides really very well, and approach must be low as you can or it will overshoot. Although i havent tried flaps yet, i bet thats why this model has flaps, to get it down sooner.
Easy to put together, with a little reading online for best practices. I recommend getting some 20 or 30cm servo extensions so you can get the wings on more easily. I just leave the extensions plugged into my receiver/controller and connect the aileron/flap servos from the sides instead of fishing around inside like it's a ship in a bottle. Added some small bits of velcro to the inside of the wings where they meet, it's a tight fit, but I like it extra secure. As others have mentioned, one of my canopy magnets was loose, a bit of glue and it was all good. Huge bay for equipment, but the wood mount for the camera should be removable. I can do it, but it's going to leave a mark. I want to move it back a little so I can fit the gopro with a servo for left/right action. Just waiting for the right weather to take her on her maiden flight now.
I am very satisfied by this plane for a FPV function . It is easy to flight with a high payload .

Thank you Hobbyking .
Unter der Haube platz genug fr FPV, Kamera, Sender, BEC fr die Stromversorgung mit kleinem Akku, Telemetrie und den Hauptakku, bei mir 2 x 2200mAh 3S(parallel)
Im Flug sehr stabil, Anfnger tauglich
super flieger mit sehr viel platz im rumpf fr das gesamte fpv, fliege mit dem original Setup mit 4400mah 3s (2x 2200mah Parallel) reicht fr eine stunde in der luft zwischen durch als segler, bin am berlegen ein klapp Propeller einzubauen fr weniger Luftwiderstand im segel betrieb, mit original Propeller zieht der Motor 23,3A und gibt 266W her, etwas zu bemngeln gibt's auch noch und zwar die steckung der Tragflchenhelften, besser lsung wnschenswert sonst Daumen hoch
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