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HobbyKing™ Ionos F3A Pattern Plane Balsa 1500mm (ARF)

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HobbyKing™ Ionos F3A Pattern Plane Balsa 1500mm (ARF)

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The HobbyKing™ Ionos F3A is our newest electric pattern plane designed specifically for practicing F3A precision maneuvers. The Ionos F3A arrives almost ready to fly meaning most of the major work is completed. All you need to do is complete final assembly, add your choice of electronics, motor and battery, then go fly. The built up balsa and plywood airframe is light weight and strong. A very rigid model that produces crisp response reducing the pilot's workload.

The long tail moment of the Ionos F3A gives it on rails performance, tracking well through all the up and downlines. Rugged aluminum landing gear has been kept low profile to aid in better ground handling, and reducing drag. Since precision is the name of the game in pattern aerobatics, the extra details we have added include tail mounted rudder and elevator servos for short, direct pushrod linkages, ball links on all control rods, and airfoiled control surfaces whiich makes them quite rigid.

The Ionos F3A was designed at the outset for electric and has a well designed motor mounting box, as well as a channel to allow cooling air to exit the motor bay easily. This is the perfect location to mount your ESC. The large fuselage top hatch allows you to quickly access your receiver, check wing bolts or change batteries in a matter of seconds. Speaking of wings, the Ionos F3A has a 2-piece plug in variety making transport a breeze.

If you're looking for a good entry level pattern plane without breaking the bank, check out the HobbyKing™ Ionos F3A today!

• Almost Ready To Fly - Complete final assembly, install electronics and motor, fly!
• Built up balsa and plywood airframe
• 2-piece plug-in wings
• Pre-covered in colorful plastic film
• Aluminum landing gear with fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
• Large canopy hatch for accessing batteries and other electronics
• Extensive hardware package including ballinks for control horns
• Designed specifically with electric power in mind

Wingspan: 1500mm
Length: 1537
Wing Area: 39.9dm2
Weight: 2300~2500g (w/o battery)

4CH Transmitter and Receiver
4x25g metal Gear Servos
42xx Outrunner
5~6S 18.5~22.2V Lipoly battery
60~80A ESC to suit motor/battery setup

  • HK Ionos F3A Pattern Plane
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Richard | Verified Buyer

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  • Value

Nice model, just bought my second one

Feb 24, 2017

Excellent value for the money and good quality. Dont really agree with all of the earlier comments. It is true however that the cg figure is incorrect. It should be about 140mm from leading edge. Fitted mine with sk3 5045 500kv, 14*8.5 prop running with 6s lipo. Corona servos. Nothing too expensive but excellent flight performance at my level of expertise.

unleaded | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Dec 25, 2015

ok this is a BJ Craft Monolog which they stopped making a couple of years ago the material and acc quality id reasonable the colours arnt too bad when you see it in person the pink canopy can be painted over the reason for the low review is that I have been unale to get it to fly straight and today I put a straight edge on the fuse side and found it to be bent to the left by 2.0mm plus which on a normal model would be no biggy but this has such deep sides that it acts as a big rudder and I have had to put up to 5mm of ruder trim on it to try and get it to fly straight but it effects other menovers I was going to use this as a practice model but I have now made a warranty claim for the fuse see how hobby king respond to a customer that has spent $thousands with them they have bee good up to date but I have never had a claim for a full model before

Youtang | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 25, 2015

The manual is terrible and CG is totally wrong. If you use CG based on manual, you will for sure get crashed. Both tail wheel and landing gear are not good at all and you have to replace all. Also, my one wing is not aligned/connected well with the fuselage and there is a big gap between the top wing area and fuselage. The canopy lock is also designed badly and you need to replace it.

Jacks | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 25, 2015

Fine model, it flyes very smooth and almost perfect.
I use it for the F3A European Hydroplane Contest training (just a few modifications are needed for that purpose).

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