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HobbyKing™ Propeller 5x3 Black (CW/CCW) (6pcs)

HobbyKing™ Propeller 5x3 Black (...

3 x 5x3 Propeller Standard
3 x 5x3 Propeller Counter Rotating


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3 x 5x3 Propeller Standard
3 x 5x3 Propeller Counter Rotating


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I ordered 16 packs to use with the V2 2206 Multistar Baby Beast. The Multistar Baby Beast has a 5 mm shaft. I assumed the props would fit which was a bad assumption. But in all fairness the ID of the prop was not given in the HobbyKing web page. I am in the process of reaming each prop out to 5 mm.

The pros are rather fragile but should work for flying outdoors where there are no obstacles. If you do hit something the prop will break which is not bad considering the low cost and the prop failure may have saved the motor shaft.
Terrible quality - I had to spend about 10 minutes of sanding per prop to balance them. The hole is not the same diameter through (so for reverse-thrusting fixed-wing I had to drill it out), and there are lots of plastic sprue legs which need to be cut off...
They were pretty floppy but I put it on the E-Max motor and the hub of the prop was to small for this
I slapped these bad boys on m 250 and it shook my fpv camera loose. It's not worth the money to remove them and take the time to balance them. It's pretty bad but you do get what you pay for.
way off balance , need to add a lot of tape to one side
How can you not love such a deal!! has a full set for a QAV250 plus 2 extras!!
havent tryed it,,order not shipped
they were very far out of balance when i got them but they did do the job after i hacked them till they were balanced
Absolut unbrauchbar
Musste fast 1cm gekrzt werden damit sie einigermaen in der Balance waren.
- Direkt fr die Tonne!
These props are trainer props, they bend when hit, and are hence less dangerous they are thin and flimsy. Not for people with any experience. Very good for noobs though. :)
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