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Hobbyking™ Propeller 8x4.5 Black (CW/CCW) (2pcs)

Hobbyking™ Propeller 8x4.5 Black...

These are high quality, nicely finished 8x4.5 carbon fiber propellers with 1pc standard/1pc RH rotation. Perfect for your twin fixed-wing or multi-rotor model.

Props include 3mm and 4mm shaft sizing rings.

Size: 8x4.5
Weight: 6g each


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These are high quality, nicely finished 8x4.5 carbon fiber propellers with 1pc standard/1pc RH rotation. Perfect for your twin fixed-wing or multi-rotor model.

Props include 3mm and 4mm shaft sizing rings.

Size: 8x4.5
Weight: 6g each


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A very nice prop good profile :-) fine meterial
These are the first carbon fibre props I've ever bought, I have no experience to compare them with other fibre props, they are very thin so should give good power and lighter current draw, one has a few light scratch's on it, and they seem to be balanced ok, so for a few $$$ they seem ok, I will use them on a turnigy 2815 1650kv bell type 250watt motor x2, they are going on a durafly bf110 I'm making up from the parts bin. I will report back after a few flights from my bf110
I like these props, I really do. However, my experience with these props aren't all positive.

I bought three sets of these to fit on my hexacopter, to replace the plastic ones. I noticed a couple of things.

1. Two of the sets came with the proper adapters to fit the 4 mm shaft, and two adapters for 5 mm shafts.
1.a One of them came with no adapters at all.

I was somewhat disappointed, but these things happen.

To be sure, I bought another couple (2) of sets. You never know. And sure enough:

2. One set came with a proper set of adapters.
2.a The other set came with three adapters for 5 mm shafts and only one 4mm shaft adapter. At that point I was glad I bought two extra sets.

I would like to ask Hobbyking to have a good look at their inventory and check the packages of these props to see if more of these inventory mishaps have occurred.

Also, I don't know if this is positive or negative, but I need to spool up faster with these props to get my hex-copter in the air than with my plastic props. This may actually be a good thing, as this means that the engine range is in a more efficient area. It may also be the other way around. I haven't tested yet. With a big 5000 mAh 3S hunk of Lithium, I am almost off the ground for a full 15 minutes with these props.
this is my second negative review, sadly! Looking horrible, bubbles enclosing, hub is like someone walked over it, the edges are uneven and the surface is totally bumpy. I really hope this to be a single case , that said i will try the other brands that are shold here also and compare em! sorry for the negative feedback but low price does not justify UNUSABLE STOCK
I'm new to the multi rotor hobby and I got the carbon mixed props and these. The carbon mixed break in every crash.. And yes i crash a lot.. Gets expensive.. These props are super strong! One time I crashed and the prop was stuck in the ground holding the quad up! I crashed at least 10 times and some pretty hard! The motors are mounted with Velcro and ziptai's so they snap off. Just put them back on and fly away:) really recommended!
Hope this helps
Good props, good price.
Seem to be working very well with 800g AUW Quad carrying GoPro2. On fingers they feel really sturdy if you try to bend them from the ends and even after number of medium crashes they still look like new. Very good product for the price. Very good finish. Good sound while in the air! :-)
Very cool looking props, even though the carbon fiber was chipped off the ends of one prop showing clear plastic underneath. Unfortunately I couldn't use on my plane (lightweight 3D profile) because prop was so unbalanced I thought it would shake the plane to pieces. It may be able to be balance, but the thing is so thin and brittle feeling that I think the first time it brushes the ground it'll be done for, so I don't think I'll bother. To bad though.
Nice ~5g each propellers, need a little work to balance. Came with 5 and 6mm hard rings/adapters, fitted perfectly on those 3 to 5mm prop adapters (with grub screw).
Good props, pretty flexible,value for money
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