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Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 160A 8S Brushless ESC

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Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 160A 8S Brushless ESC


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Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 160A Brushless ESC

This ESC was designed for 8S LiPoly use in mind. This 150A rated ESC works with both sensored and sensorless motors. It comes with a high-output, selectable 6V or 7.2V BEC for driving big torque high voltage servos. This is built tough for all conditions that can be found and has excellent dust, dirt and water protection and is further helped by the highly reliable electronic switch. The built-in spark proof circuit stops you getting those sudden jolts when connecting your batteries as well as protecting your connectors.

• Compatible with sensorless brushless motors and sensored brushless motor
• Fully waterproofed design for all weather conditions
• Super internal switch-mode BEC with switchable voltage of 6V/7.2V and a cont./peak current of 6A/25A for easily driving big torque servos and high voltage servos.
• Highly reliable electronic switch avoids trouble which may happen to traditional mechanical switch due to dirt, water, dust and etc.
• The built-in spark-proof circuit effectively protects not only battery and ESC connectors from damage but also users from physical injury (to hands) caused by strong electrical sparks produced at the battery and ESC connection moment.
• Separate programming port to easily connect the LED program card or the LCD program box to the ESC.
• Proportional brake with 9 levels of brake amount/maximum brake force and 9 levels of drag brake force.
• 5 levels of acceleration/punch from soft to aggressive for different vehicles, tires and tracks.
• Multiple protection: motor lock-up protection, low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection, overload protection, and fail safe (throttle signal loss protection).
• Advanced programming via portable LED program card or multifunction LCD program box.
• Firmware upgrade via HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box (item sold separately).

Cont./Peak Current: 160A / 1050A
Motor Type: Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor (only in sensorless mode)
Motor Limit: Brushless Motor Limit with 6S LiPoly/18 cells NiMH: KV≤1500 (5892 size motor)                  Brushless Motor Limit with 8S LiPoly/24 cells NiMH:KV≤1200 (5892 size motor)
Battery: 3-8S LiPoly / 9-24S NiMH
BEC Output: 6V/7.2V Switchable, Continuous Current of 6A (Switch-mode BEC)
Cooling Fan: Powered by the stable BEC voltage of 6V/7.2V
Connectors: Female 6.5mm Gold Connectors on output end
Size: 70x56x46.5mm
Weight: 240g
Programming Port: FAN/PRG Port

Suitable for: 1/6th Touring Car, Buggy, Truggy and Truck

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Anthony | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 24, 2016

This is the most compact esc you can get for realy good price and 8s capability.
i purchesed it.i forgot to check warehouses eo it came from china so i had to pay 52euros to dhl due to import taxes.realy pissed me off...i hope they going to put it on stock in europe warehouse soon.cause i want to build a 8s truggy as well.
calibration en used materials are very good.imho equal to Castle.
7s is gives my vorza rocket power,and 8s will lift it from the ground lol.

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