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Hobbywing Platinum 50A V3 Brushless ESC w/7A BEC

Hobbywing Platinum 50A V3 Brushl...

Among all ESCs by Hobbywing, the Platinum series are the top of the line, using the best materials and designed for high end users for ultimate performance. This 50A-V3 ESC is the answer to the latest 450~480 class helis, nowadays these helis usua...

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Among all ESCs by Hobbywing, the Platinum series are the top of the line, using the best materials and designed for high end users for ultimate performance. This 50A-V3 ESC is the answer to the latest 450~480 class helis, nowadays these helis usually come with extremely powerful servos and motors, they have very high output, that means they are also very demanding on the power supply. This 50A-V3 ESC has the best micro-processor and capacitor available, specially designed to handle powerful equipment.

This 50A-V3 ESC has a 7A BEC with max 7.4V output, that means it can power up the most powerful servos on your heli, and it takes 2S to 6S Lipoly batteries. Also great news for 3D heli pilots, it has a new “Governor Mode”, easier to operate than previous Platinum ESCs.

• High-performance microprocessor with the operating frequency up to 50MHz brings excellent compatibility (with most motors in the market) and high driving efficiency.
• The maximum motor speed can reach 210000 RPM (for 2-poles), 70000 RPM (for 6-poles) and 35000 RPM (for 12-poles).
• Multiple flight modes: Fixed Wing Airplane/ Heli with Governor Off/ Heli with Governor (Elf) / Heli with Governor Store.
• Adjustable throttle range, compatible with various transmitters. It brings smooth, soft & linear speed adjustment and rapid throttle response.
• Microprocessor powered by independent DC regulator has better anti-interference performance, which greatly reduces the risk of losing control.
• Built-in high-efficiency & high-power (switch mode) BEC can make the output voltage switched among 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V (*For the specific output voltage, please refer to the parameter list below.)
• Brand new governor program, easy to operate; and its excellent speed-governing effect can make big rotor blades more stable even under rapid load change.
• ”Restart in auto rotation" can manually interrupt the auto rotation and quickly restart the motor to avoid crashes caused by incorrect operations.
• Independent output port for RPM (that is: motor speed) signals.
• Compatible LCD program box (*optional accessory), its simple and visual interface allows users to set/revise all the ESC parameters easily. (For detailed information, please refer to User Manual of LCD Program Box.)
• Upgradeable firmware, you can upgrade the ESC after connected it to a PC via the USB cable on the program box.
• The independent port, for connecting the program box and setting parameters, can also be the output port of the running status data of the ESC. When coordinating with the data transmission module, it can make the real-time data monitoring and logging possible.
• Multiple protection features including input voltage abnormality protection/ low-voltage cutoff protection/ throttle signal loss protection effectively prolong the service life of the ESC.

Continuous Current: 50A
Burst Current: 75A (10 sec)
BEC Mode: Switch Mode BEC, 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V ; Cont.: 7A, Burst: 15A, BEC has the cut-through protection (which means the battery voltage won’t get through to the receiver if the BEC is accidentally damaged)
Programmable: Yes
Battery cell: Li-PO: 2~6 cell (5.2V~25.2V)
Input/Output cable: Both 14AWG
Weight: 49g
Dimensions: 48x30x15.5mm


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I think it's one the best ESCs in this size, easy programming with the LCD Box, Governor is working really fine, doesn't get hot even in hard flight and the BEC is also good.
Very nice ESC, good quality and genuine Hobbywing. Not sure what this fool with a one star rating is about? HK should also stock the Hobbywing LCD Program Box Card USB Link (3in1) but I just ordered that from the Bay instead. Hope to see the new 60A V3 here also soon.
After much flights i`m really impressed. Even with only 65 pcnt throttle the governor store works as perfect as it does with 75 pcnt. This ESC is really great! I`m using it in my old HK-T500 with 4S 5200 mAh MultiStar-Lipos and half-symetrich Spinblades, i can fly headspeeds between 1300 and 1700 rpm with my setup. With 1300 rpm at 65 pcnt, i get flight times around 20 - 25 minutes. The ESC stays cool and the governor store makes it possible to fly such low rpm without any issues. The BEC has no problems with the 3x MG-930 swashplate servos and the TGY-616 MG tailservo, running them at 5.2 volt. Got my 2nd HW Platinum V3 50 A now from the EU warehouse and the 2nd one works like the first, just perfect. This ESC is a perfect match with the Turnigy H3126 500 heli motor, no matter the 500 heli is flown as a trainer or scaler.
Per quello che costa va na favola!!
very good.very easy to program with the remote control
Nun Ja, Was die Roten angeht, kenne ich mich aus ! (habe von 15-200 Amp alle zuhause)
Der Hobbywing Regler kommt auch von Hobbyking in der verpackung von Hobbywing.
Ich habe mir den 50 Amp Regler in eine 450er EC 135 eingebaut.
Programiert ist natrlich der steller Mode (scale)
Der Regler macht exackt das was ich will !!
Setup: 3X TGY-S306G 1XDS520 Motor SK3 2700KV Fbl: AR7200Bx
4Blatt Rotorkopf mit Spinblades. (Kein Fenesron) RPM 2550 :-)
Der Heli Fliegt mit dem Regler wie an der Schnur Gezogen !
Zum programieren ist keine Box ntig !!! Die Anleitung ist Perfekt Und schlssig !!!
Toller Regler .
Nun Ja. Was die Roten angeht kenne ich mich aus! ( habe von 15-200 Amp alle zuhause)
Der Hobbywing von Hobbyking kommt in der schachtel von Hobbywing !
Ich habe den 50 Amp Regler nun in einer 450er EC135 eingebaut und natrlich (scale) im steller Mode programiert.
Der Heli macht das was ich will ( 4S 11er Ritzel 4 Blatt )
Was den Govenor Mode angeht bleibe ich bei den Roten:-)
Anleitung ist Suuper Gut !( Programierbox nicht ntig)
This is an excellent 50A ESC which has a high current BEC that is able to handle the high current draw from 4 micro digital servos. I have been using one on a HK Arcus for a couple of months and it is working perfectly. Ideally you need the new HobbyWIng programming box that is able to programme the V3 ESCs. The old Turnigy 2in1 programmer that I have also works, but you need to use it via your PC using the HobbyWIng programming App.
Es ist ein Original Hobbywing Regler in der Original Verpackung.
Ich habe ihn in einem T-Rex 450 Sport verbaut und er funktioniert hervorragend. Bis jetzt funktioniert er genau so gut wie ein roter Regler einer deutschen Marke den ich in meinem T-Rex 450L Dominator habe.
Werde weiter Testen, bis jetzt eine Kaufempfehlung!
It is an original Hobbywing controller in its original packaging.
I have installed it in a T-Rex 450 Sport and he works well. So far, it works just as well as a red slider a German brand which I have in my T-Rex 450L Dominator.
Will continue testing until now a buy recommendation!
This is NOT an original hobbywing platinum pro v3 50a esc!! Governor store function will not work well with high efficient motors like the xnova xts 2618 1860kv. Tested 3 different hk hobbywing esc with 2 different xnova-xts motors on both a gaui x3 and the trex 450.. it's a clone or a knockoff!! Think twice before you bargain like I did.. it costed me 80 bucks but got me nothing!! Just ordered an original one from a hobbywing dealer
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