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Hobbywing XERUN AXE550-2700KV FOC V1-1 Rock Crawler Brushless Combo

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Hobbywing XERUN AXE550-2700KV FOC V1-1 Rock Crawler Brushless Combo


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The latest sensor technology has changed the feel, performance and the overall tune ability of the Hobbywing XERUN AXE ESCs and motors. These systems are specially designed for 1/10th rock crawlers and incorporate FOC (Field-Oriented Control), this is something new to scale trail racing and rock crawling. This latest style of sensor allows for extremely accurate control and sensing of the motor whilst maintaining extreme performance, reliability and powerful low RPM torque compared to standard brushless systems. Uphill, downhill or under load, you name it and your AXE system will deliver the control you expect of it.

The chip-type magnetic encoder inside the motor guaruntees consistency between the 3 motor phases and always provides pure and precise signals regarding the rotor position. The waterproof and dust proof design allows the AXE system to be used in all weather and all track conditions without any issues. Another feature is the adjustable drag brake and drag brake rate control of up to 200% which allows for unprecedented parking on slopes with no jerky stops.

The motor has 4 poles and 12 magnets which feature Hobbywing's "staggered pole" patent which means a zero cogging effect and torque ripple. It will work smoothly at all speeds but comes into its own at very low RPMs which greatly improves the manoeuverability of rock crawlers. The sensor harness features a plug and screw design with a silicone "O" ring which provides a firm, waterproof connection between motor and ESC.

The last major feature to mention is the built-in Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to read ESC data or update the ESC firmware. This is achieved via a smart phone which has the HW Link App installed.

• FOC (Field-Oriented Control) for extremely accurate control
• Chip-type magnetic encoder for precise signals from rotor
• Waterproof and dust proof design including sensor harness
• Adjustable drag brake and drag brake rate control up to 200%
• Motor has "staggered poles" for zero cogging and torque ripple
• Built-in Bluetooth to enable ESC updates and data reading

Specs (XERUN AXE Brushless ESC):
Continuous Current: 60 amps
Peak Current: 360 amps
Motor Type: XERUN AXE series motors only
Applications: 1/10th Rock Crawlers
LiPo/NiMh Cells: 2~3S LiPo, 6~9S NiMh
BEC Output: 6~7.4V switchable and 4 amps continuous (switch mode)
Connectors: No connectors supplied apart from sensor lead connector
ESC Programming: Bluetooth via an iOS or Android smart phone with HW Link App installed
Dimensions: 47.4x36.2x24.6mm
Weight: 82g

Specs (XERUN AXE Brushless Motor):
Type: XERUN AXE 550 with FOC
KV: 2700
Cell Count: 2~3S LiPo, 6~9S NiMh
Resistance: 0.016
No Load Current: 2.7 amps
No of Poles: 4
No of Magnets: 12
Motor Diameter: 36mm (1.42")
Motor Length: 66.2mm (2.61")
Shaft Diameter: 5mm (0.197")
Shaft length: 16mm (0.63")
Weight: 289g

1 x Hobbywing XERUN AXE550-2700KV FOC V1-1 Brushless Motor
1 x Hobbywing XERUN AXE V1-1 Brushless ESC

Please note: For the full specifications and programming options please see the user manual which is available under the "Files" section.

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