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iCharger 106B-plus 250W 6s Balance/Charger

iCharger 106B-plus 250W 6s Balan...

Capable of handling up to 250W or 10A charge rates. Lipoly, LiFe and Lilo compatible as well as able to charge up to 6 cell packs.
The iCharger is famous for its ultra-accurate balancing feature. Each unit is calibrated at the factory pr...

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Capable of handling up to 250W or 10A charge rates. Lipoly, LiFe and Lilo compatible as well as able to charge up to 6 cell packs.
The iCharger is famous for its ultra-accurate balancing feature. Each unit is calibrated at the factory prior to shipping!
This is a quality precision charger.

Input voltage range : 10.0 – 18.0VDC
Charge current range : 0.05 – 10.0A
Discharge current range : 0.05 – 7.0A
Maximum charge power capacity : 250W @ input voltage > 13.5V
Maximum discharge power capacity : 20W
Maximum extern discharge power capacity : 170W @ 20V/7A
Current drain for balancing : <300mA
Balance accuracy : <10mV
Lithium (LiPo/LiIo/LiFe) battery cell count : 1 – 6 series
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count : 1 – 17 series
Pb battery cell count : 1 – 12 series (2 – 24V)
Battery setup memories : 10
Intelligent temperature control : Yes
PC Connect : USB port
Weight : 350g
Dimensions (L X W X D) : 134X83X25mm

106B Balance Charger/Discharger
2 Aligator clips
Banana leads
Temp Probe
Note: Power supply not included.

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the Best charger and accurate cells balance.
I would buy another one, but HK many months dont restock it: DISAPPOINTED FOR THAT
Very accurate, easy to operate. Strong, compact and powerful
Nice charger!! charge fast and balance better, upgradable in software, comes with some wires and a external termic probe, can mesure internal resistan and another things, small and light
- Shipping (Netherland to Gemrany) ~3 Days - Charger comes with latest firmware 3.14 (with regen.Discharge) - Pretty easy to calibrate with ~5mV accuracy (
Do ONLY with a high value multimeter, which should be calibrated itself. - Very good price, compared to other e-shops I also own a iCharger 406Duo (at home), Junsi is simply a class of its own. Also my italian is not very good, the linked youtube video is pretty selfexplaining, while watching...
i have had 6 different chargers, this one came out of the box calibrated ( verified with Fluke 87v) to within 0.006v ( insignificant, and the fluke 87v is accurate to 0.000001v) of its display. it is very gentle on my Turnigy Nanotechs ( 6s, 2s and 3s 5000mah, 6600mah and 5000mah, respectively) and have even charged my car battery when hooked to a 350w 12v 110vAC input power supply. i have recommended it to no fewer than 40 people looking for a charger for any purpose, in any vocation.
very impressed with my charger perfect balancing on my 6s 1300mah nanotechs (measured with a calibrated multimetre) and it has great features like measuring internal resistance and wattage limiting if your power supply aint up to 250w. just great i would give it 6 stars if i could
It is a Junsi, a high-quality product with much options for charging and discharging. So it can handle the Turnigy Bolt lipos with the higher voltage and charge them without problems, just setup the voltage to match them and it will work. The balancer is one of the most accurate ones you can get, far better than all this Imax and other cheap stuff. Such a good charger like the iCharger can extend your batteries life and make them work much better for a long time. Purchasing cheap lipo batteries is ok when using a high-quality charger, but cheap chargers can ruin the best battery. So i highly recommend this charger, it works very nice and flawless.
Trs bon chargeur, documentation sur CD est claire et prcise, la mise a jour par cble USB via le web est un gagne d'volutivit.
La fonction storage est bien pratique

Il ne manque que la possibilit dquilibrage sans charge des lipo
great product, very very good.
Endlich ein Ladegert das endlich alle meine "Problemzellen" perfekt balanced. Eine klare Kaufempfehlung! Ich werde in Zukunft (nach diversen Pichler-, -Simprob, Graupnerladern)nur noch diesen Hersteller kaufen. Aus der Schachtel heraus einfach top! Der Lader hat zwar von 2S bis 6S jeweils einen XH-Balance-Stecker eingebaut, jedoch sollte man gleich daran denken sich ein Multibalanceboard mit passender Anschluleitung XH 6S dazu besorgen. Viel Spa an alle zuknftigen Besitzer!
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