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ImmersionRC XuGong V2 Pro Quadcopter Kit With Integrated Printed Distribution Board

ImmersionRC XuGong V2 Pro Quadco...

The ImmersionRC XuGong V2 Pro Kit is a unique foldable quadcopter frame, designed specifically for the FPV enthusiast and aerial photographer / videographer. The compact frame design means that once folded it will easily fit into any backpack. The...

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essential items and

The ImmersionRC XuGong V2 Pro Kit is a unique foldable quadcopter frame, designed specifically for the FPV enthusiast and aerial photographer / videographer. The compact frame design means that once folded it will easily fit into any backpack. The folding arms on the XuGong V2 use a unique locking mechanism which allows for quick and easy folding without the need for tools, this allows the XuGong V2 to be taken from its folded form to flight ready in a matter of seconds.

The XuGong V2 is ideal for the photographer / videographer who likes to travel with small compact frames, its folding design makes it ideal for a hiker, skier or snowboarder to carry to remote places, in fact it's even small enough to pack within holiday luggage. The XuGong V2 frame is made from carbon fibre with anodized aluminium arms and weighs in at just 96 grams.
The XuGong V2 has been designed to fit the DJI Naza M V2 GPS flight controller and the DJI E310 tuned propulsion system, which will deliver flight times of up to 20 minutes when used with a 4S 5200 size LiPoly pack.

The fully integrated power distribution board (PDB) features an EzOSD-based on screen display (OSD) displaying important flight data layered on your video feed such as, battery voltage, current, current consumed and a running flight time count. With the option to use an FPV camera and a GoPro with the brushless gimbal add-on, the feed can be selected through use of an auxiliary/spare channel, controlled by the PDB.

The XuGong V2 delivers rewarding flights and flight times in one compact package, with an all up weight of around 1kg. The frame features a vibration free mounting point for clean and crisp video recording while in flight with the optional GoPro camera mounted on the XuGong V2 Pro Gimbal.

There is plenty of space on the frame to install your FPV system to allow you to take to the skies and explore the world from a new point of view with real time video.

• Compact foldable frame
• Lightweight ultra durable frame design
• Built-in EzOSD with multirotor enhancements
• Single cable link to the EzUHF, with full up-link status
• Carbon fiber frame, CNC milled aluminium arms
• Integrated telemetry down-link
• USB port for future upgrades

Maximum Prop Size: 10 inch
OSD: EzOSD-based, with multirotor additions
Flight Cam: Suits FatShark CMOS 600TVL + others
Frame Weight: 96g
Frame Diameter: 460mm
Folded Size: 240 x 300 x 140mm
Battery: 5200mAh 4s (14.8v) 10C
Suitable Motors: 2212/920kV

4 x 2212/920kV brushless motors
4 x 20~30amp ESC's
1 x multirotor flight controller
4 x 10inch props
FPV Gear (optional)
Flight Camera (optional)


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I use it for my pixhawk fc, which is a little too big. But after 2 years experimenting with building my own drone, 1 month ago I switched to the phantom 3, and I am super happy with it, so I just want to say I would suggest a rtf drone for first time users. I find it only fun to experiment, and not to fly with it very regularly, and create great stabilised go pro footage without a hassle.
The frame is good quality, and fairly easy to use. It is strong and very small, so easy to transport.
The highest quality and coolest quad, It folds nicely to fit a back pack , plenty of space to put your electronics
Amazing quad very good quality fram
Nice quad, good quality carbon, haven't built it yet but I can be safe to say it will be awesome
Great foldable frame, good looking. Used 2216 ztw black widow, dji naza lite (mod) with gps. Using DJI naza is highly recommended because the kit comes with a board that gives OSD capaility with DJI as well as EZUHF (which I dont have and iddn't use). It also nicely put in integration of 2 cameras (also includes video switch), vtx, and PPM/GPS connections. Also got the Xugong Gimbal, and after 1st trial, the footage that came out was nice. Despite the pain (challenge, rather) of putting in the 8 damper balls, there is online instructions by Dewey that makes the process easier. The result is a damn good looking quad that is portable. Haven't crashed it, but that makes you want to ensure all solders are glued on, everything including props and motors are well balanced etc. Recommended.
I bought 6 kits, all of them great. The frame is lightweight and strong. I haven't really damaged any parts yet and if I do I have 5 more kits of parts to replace them with. Should last me a long time. I also have a bunch of Multistar 4S 5200 Lipos which give me about 20 minutes of flight time. I am using APM instead of Naza for extra abilities that APM has that Naza doesn't. Overall a really great kit. Not the best price, $200 is leaning on fairly costly for a quadcopter frame. Especially if you buy a lot of the same frame.
waiting with anticipation, more to come soon i hope
Super Frame,
Er ist das Geld alle male wert wrde ihn mir wieder kaufen.
schade das es ihn nicht im EU Lager gibt.
realy good product.stable flying.. power distribution board and osd perfect. 14 min flying time about 1,7 kg ( 4500 mh 4s 45c battery, fpv equipment and gimbal.)
my xu gong v2:
A really great lightweight frame. Total takeoff weight with fpv and 6Ah 4s batteries is 1.47 kilos. Being under 1.5 kilos got a full setup is great. Being foldable is great for transporting. I wish they made a version without the OSD, it would bring the price down considerably.
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essential items and

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