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Kingduino LCD Keypad Shield

Kingduino LCD Keypad Shield

This LCD Keypad Shield (male pin connector) for Arduino comprises of a 16x2 blue LCD display and 6 momentary push buttons, from left to right, SELECT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT and RESET. The shield can be directly plugged onto an Arduino Duemilanove ...

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This LCD Keypad Shield (male pin connector) for Arduino comprises of a 16x2 blue LCD display and 6 momentary push buttons, from left to right, SELECT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT and RESET. The shield can be directly plugged onto an Arduino Duemilanove board, making soldering or fly-wiring for connection unnecessary. Pins 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are used as the interface to the LCD. 
• Easy to read 16x2 blue LCD screen 
• Adjustable contrast
• Laminated design and easy to expand
• Using modified LCD4Bit Interface
Modified LCD4Bit Interface:
In order to preserve the SPI port for future use, the Digital IO pins DB7-10 and pin11 & pin 12 used in the original LCD4Bit library have been moved to DB4-7 and pin 8 & pin 9 respectively.
The keypad consists of 5 push buttons — SELECT, LEFT, UP, DOWN and RIGHT plus a RESET button. To save the digital IO pin resource, the keypad interface only uses one ADC channel. The key value is read through a 5 stage resistor voltage divider. When a key is pressed, the ADC reads the voltage value through the voltage divider; then the voltage value is compared to the voltage value threshold stored in an array to identify which key has been pressed.

Operating Voltage: 5VDC
Dimensions: 80 x 58 x 22mm
Weight: 52g

*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.


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The pin out for this dispay shield is as folows (display-arduino): D4-4, D5-5, D6-6, D7-7, RS-8, E-9.

Buttons have a nice click to them and are all (except reset) readable from pin A0 (schematic for how they are conected would be nice HK)

When pluged in to an arduino it interferes a bit with the power jack but not a whole lot, the board itself sticks about 1cm over the left edge of arduino.

I've tested this with arduino due which is 3,3V, the display works prfectly, the same cant be said for the buttons as they are powerd from 5V, some hardware hackong will be required.

Other than that it feels like a decent quality product, the soldering is ok, I'd like to see more solder in a couple of places, but over all good for the price.
Excelente producto con buena calidad
The Arduino LCD screen is a backlit LCD screen with headers. You can draw text, images, and shapes to the screen with the LCD library. There is an onboard micro-SD card slot on the back of the screen that can, among other things, store bitmap images for the screen to display.
Works well, is very easy to use... just plug in shield, and you're good to go! Hobbykings documentation could have been a bit better though.

Use LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 4,5, 6, 7); in order to control the LCD, IO pin 10 to control the backlight (recommend you use pinMode(10,INPUT) to turn on, and pinMode(10,OUTPUT) to turn it off).

Only uses one analog pin (A0) for the five control buttons - you just need to work out the different voltages that you'll read when you press each button - which will vary slightly depending if powering Arduino from external power or USB. 6th button is linked to reset line.
This is a cool little shield. Good price. I personally haven't found much use for it, but it was cool when I first got it up and running. I did a more in depth review at the address below.

aeronauticsroboticsandhotglue * blogspot * com/
Very good component, the example software is downloadable in the files section. Very easy to use good contrast very cheap if compared with performances
For the money you can't buy this and make it yourself. I'd put this on your must have list.

OlliW BLHeliBox over on Helifreaks
Very good product , compatible with arduino LCD library
Mine works as advertised. If you do a google search on 'LCD keypad shield', the top returns are the pages for this device from therobotshop_dot_com. There are schematics and excellent code examples.

I have a couple of possible uses for mine - hopefully I can port the code from the 3DRobotics ground station. I also tested it with a 4 x 20 display that I have and it works too.

Very nice device at an extremely good price.

nice LCD pad shield, like other users have brought out, if you think it is broken, it aint, just change the contrast
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