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LiPo ESR Internal Resistance Meter Mark II

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LiPo ESR Internal Resistance Meter Mark II

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The original ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) meter was the go to meter for testing the quality of lithium batteries, this Mark II version has made things even better. It will instantly provide data for a tiny single cell right the way up to a high capacity 6S which allows you to check the health of your batteries. Unlike the original version where you had to load up the values of each cell individually, the Mark II differs in that it now allows you to connect the battery's balance lead directly to the meter. This means that you can check each cell simultaneously to give an almost instant reading making this upgraded version even more user friendly than ever. Another upgrade is that you can check batteries with a capacity of up to 25,000mAh instead of the original version which had a maximum of 10,000mAh.

The ESR meter uses a pure "DC Load" method which gives more realistic readings for flight packs than most chargers which stop charging briefly, measure the cell voltage difference between charging and unloaded to determine the IR of a battery pack. The internal resistance of a battery is a crucial aspect of its performance and can affect the rate at which it can be safely charged and discharged. The ability to measure the internal resistance accurately in milliohms enables you to compare different makes of batteries with confidence rather than relying on sometimes suspect C ratings. The ESR meter not only takes into account the IR of the batteries themselves but it also takes into account the resistance of the leads and connectors. The bottom line is that this meter will determine the maximum continuous discharge current recommended for the battery, leads and connectors that are on test.

• Allows you to accurately determine the IR of your battery packs and in turn max discharge current
• Uses the "DC Load" method for more realistic readings
• Measures the IR of each cell simultaneously via the balance cable
• Also measures the resistance of the cables and connectors
• Uses your battery to power the meter for accurate readings
• Able to check packs up to 25,000mAh

Input Voltage: 1~6S lithium cells
Battery Capacity: 100~25,000mAh
Over Voltage Protection: 40V
Battery Input Connector: XT60
Balance Lead Connector: JST-XH
Dimensions: 130x100x45mm
Weight: 250g

Note: A copy of the User Manual is available under the "Files" tab above.

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