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M106 Glory 40~60lb 40" Compound Bow Set Black for Right or Left Hand

M106 Glory 40~60lb 40" Compound Bow Set Black for Right or Left Hand


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If you're looking for a great introduction to the sport of target shooting or bow hunting, this superb compound bow set is hard to beat for performance and value!

The M106 Glory compound bow has a tec-style matt black magnesium alloy riser for strength, light weight and stability, while the double fiberglass carbon fibre style limbs are attached rigidly by an adjustable mechanism to allow you to alter the draw weight between 40 and 60lbs in 3~4 lb increments.

One great advantage of using a compound bow is their ability to take advantage of a high IBO (International Bow-hunting Organization) speed at the same time as reducing the draw weight felt at maximum draw. In the case of the M106 Glory, this is a 75% let-off, which translates to a holding draw weight of only 15lbs - Great while you're developing your shooting skills (not to mention the muscles!)

Advanced cam design gives you speed, smoothness and more importantly, accuracy. This is enhanced further by using the fitted D loop with a release aid.

The design of the bow allows it to be used by both right and left-handed archers, making it ideal for club use and avoids the need for you to compensate for the dreaded "Archers' Paradox".

Included in the set is all of the items you'll need to set up and start shooting, maintain and keep your new bow in top condition. 

All in all, a well-balanced, versatile bow and with all of the included accesories, a fantastic introduction to archery.

• High performance compound bow
• Suitable for right or left hand use
• Magnesium alloy Tec style riser
• Double fibreglass limbs
• Stainless steel cable guard
• Limb mounted vibration dampers

Axle-to-Axle: 40"
Brace height: 7.2"
Draw weight: 40~60lbs
Draw length: 25~30.5"
Let-off: 75%
IBO velocity: <300fps
Weight: 4.2lb

String wax
6 x Carbon arrow
Release Aid
Five pin optical bow sight
Arrow rest
Bow wrist sling
D-loop/peep sight 
Allen Key
2 x limb dampers
Paper target

Never shoot the bow without an arrow as this will cause damage to the bow
Always check the condition of all of the bow parts before use
Always check with the relevant authorities in your area before using this bow for hunting.
Adult supervision required
Inspect Bow regularly before and after use


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Got a chance this summer to shoot several dozen arrows and the bow is really quite nice. I've tried several other brand name bows since and I am not longing for anything better. I had the bow adjusted and set up for me at the local archery shop and that did make a significant difference. Draw length and force needed to be adjusted as well as the D loop position and I had the cams flipped as I shoot left handed. You 'can' shoot this bow left handed out of the box but the pulley strings may touch your arm. This bow is quite long and might be difficult to use in a tree stand but so far I am only shooting target so no troubles.
Pros: Nice grip and easy to hold (left or right handed), long size helps with accuracy, easy to adjust draw length and draw force, all required accessories to start shooting right away, slightly on the heavy side which helps stabilize the bow during shooting, adjustable for left handed shooters but can still shoot ambidextrous, supplied arrows are actually quite good.
Cons: Long size may be inconvenient when hunting, all the out of the box settings needed adjustment to my size (to be fair, all bows need this), the sight light was defective when I got mine but that was easily replaced and the sight required some shimming, The limb adjustment for draw force does not have any markers so you need to count the number of turns on the adjustment screws to keep the upper and lower limbs equal, slightly on the heavy side which may be too much for smaller archers.
Overall, I am really happy with this bow, especially for the price and the quality of what you get.
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verified_user Quality
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I am federated archer and experienced in competitions, HOBBY KING offers 2 types of bow the m130 dreams, is an appropriate bow hunting, the M106 glory is appropriate for the competition on the rink, I have acquired the M 106 for use in competition, I have equipped with viewfinder, arrow rest on precision and stabilizer system, I've tried for two days and I find that is pretty good performance, by now I like
verified_user Quality
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