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Magnetic Propeller Balancer

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Magnetic Propeller Balancer

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Unbalanced propellers rob motors of efficiency and reduce the maximum power output. Unbalanced propellers also cause excess vibration which can do untold damage to bearings and shafts.
This little device will ensure your propellers are perfectly balanced.
It includes 2 strong magnets to hold even the largest propellers up, the magnetic force holds the propeller in place allowing a friction free pivot point allowing the slightest inbalance to become apparent.
The propeller balancer is also foldable, and can easily fit into your bag or pocket so you can take it to your mates house and educate them on the seriousness and realities of unbalanced propellers.

Dont forget to balance your propellers after some of those rough landings, the smallest scratches and chips in your prop can cause an unbalance.


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Ryan Sokolowski | Verified Buyer

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Great prop balancer

Nov 14, 2007

I have used the prop balancer and it works great!!! The magnets allow the prop to move without any problems, just like with the more expensive versions from other vendors. The shaft fits the gws and eflight slowflyer props that I use. With a very light push of the prop, it moved almost 30 revolutions!!!

Rodrigo Morales | Verified Buyer

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Very nice and Cheap balancer

Nov 14, 2007

Very good balancer! Strong magnets, nice adaptors, good for balance props under 11 inches.

Very compact to store and very good materials used.

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