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Malyan M150 i3 3D Printer (EU Plug)

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Malyan M150 i3 3D Printer (EU Plug)


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Malyan M150 i3 3D Printer (EU Plug)

Hot on the heels of the incredibly popular M180, Malyan have come out with another exciting 3D printer, the M150. This time Malyan have taken the tried and true i3 open source printer and manufactured it to the same exacting standards they have become know for with their other printers and fixed the known problems with previous versions of this printer, such as the belts rubbing on the bearing blocks. They have also included quality fetaures like lead screws and linear bearings instead of bushings.

The M150 features rolled edge punched steel construction, a clear black on green LCD display on the controller which runs super fast, reliable firmwware, and it comes with a high quality power supply that is switchable between 110v and 240v. Unlike other versions of this printer the M150 inludes a strong steel filament holder that can be located on the controller box or the frame depending on your needs. All the motors are screw fixed to the frame and the wiring looms are retained neatly with flexible cable trays.

The printer includes all the refinements you expect from a high end modern 3D printer such as a heated adjustable print bed, interchangeable print nozzles (it comes standard with 0.4mm but can be fitted with 0.3mm or 0.2mm) and a 200x200x180mm print area that is plenty big enough for most projects.

The M150 comes flat packed and can be constructed in about an hour, probably less if you're familiar with 3D printers, and because it is based on such a popular format the printer is easy to modify and maintain.

This machine is incredibly simple to use, just load your file from your chosen software onto an SD card, pop it into the printer, select the file you want to print via the graphical user interface and press go; the printer does the rest for you. If you want to be able to control the printer direct from your computer the M150 can also be connected via USB.

With lower cost and high quality, hobbyists and designers alike will be rushing to get one of these.

• Stable and durable construction (rigid frame)
• Low noise
• Simple construction for easy set up
• Able to print accurately at high speed
• Solid, precise printing
• Cost effective
• SD Card printing
• Large range of filament materials
• Super easy to maintain

Best Ambient Temperature: >= 25C
Print Precision: 0.1mm (minimal)
Printing Size: 200x200x180mm
Connection: microSD Card, USB2.0
Speed: 10-100mm/s Adjustable
Positioning Accuracy: Z 0.004mm, XY 0.012mm
Ext Ruder Diameter: 0.4mm (Customized 0.3mm/0.2mm)
Voltage: 110/220V
Gross Power: 240W
Software: Cura / Repetier-Host
Input Format: STL, G-code
Extruder Temperature: 190-210C (Max can be set to 260C)
Heating Plate Temperature: 60-100C (Proper winter warming and appropriate cooling)
Material Type: ABS and PLA
Material Specifications: 1.75mm
Material Colors: Malyan Classic 40 Colors
OS System: XP, Win7, Win8
Packing Size: 495x480x295mm
Weight: 10kg

1 x Malyan M150
1 x Single step extruder
1 x Hex wrench and bolt kit
1 x SD card
2 x Malyan platform tape
1 x PLA sample
1 x power supply cable
1 x USB cable
1 x filament stand

NOTE: Ensure power voltage switch is in the correct position before turning on. 

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Kete | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Dec 25, 2017

My first printer too and after about 20 hours of printing i can tell that is a great useful tool . All the prints were big ,the biggest one was a 18x18 (which by the way got sliced only after disabling the brim/raft support ) the second one a 16cm diameter bathinov mask was also good and the third , a 12 cm fan shroud with center holder for motor got away very well (with very small estetical imperfections ) .I used Hobbyking PLA and some bed levelling (mediocre i say , using a sheet of A4 and 7 points check ).

Jelle | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Hey, that's pretty good

Apr 15, 2017

This is my first 3d Printer and I love it. It looks amazing. And I could print a tiny mouse (included on the S card) within a couple of hours. Without leveling the bed. (I should still try leveling it for in the future) It's all metal sheet design feels and looks great. Only one problem. My spool holder is of a reaaaaally low quality. It really stands out. And I was considering sending it back and asking for a new one.

The printing quality is awesome. Although the test plastic you get is a really small amount. I could barely print the little mouse.

The sd card spot is a bit hard to reach but it also means your wont accidentally eject it.

So far the printer works great. And I would consider recommending it to other people, if they would change the spool holder. The spool holder. and small amount of plastic.

Patric | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Nov 18, 2016

I never wrote a summary, but this time I do as I can fully recommend this Printer. It works great. I just needed to remove the bearings for the belts as they were making horrible noise. After removing the lubricant from the ball bearings and using Castrol grease it prints smooth and silent.
For me it is not only a first printer. I do not see why I should buy a more expensive one as it works great.
Thanks Hobbyking for the great deal!

Pedracini | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Oct 26, 2016

Bonjour, imprimante acheté il y a 3 semaines, elle est de bonne qualité. Mais a ce prix, n’espérez pas une bête de course. Il y a quelques défauts comme la structure de l'axe Z qui manque de rigidité, Le ventilateur du boitier qui ne refroidit pas suffisamment. Le plateau qui vibre, cela fait pas mal de bruit dans la maison même si çà n'a pas l'air d'affecter le résultat des pièces, c'est assez gênant.

J'ai également acheté sur ce site des bobines ESUN, qui sont aussi de bonne qualité.

Dans l'ensemble, je suis très satisfait de cette petite machine mais il faudra mettre les mains a la pattes pour l’améliorer un peu.

D’ailleurs, c'est ce que j'ai déjà fait en partie pour le firmware, il est possible de le mettre à jour avec la dernière version de Marlin et je remercie le support technique de Malyan pour avoir répondu à mes questions à ce sujet.

Pour le tutoriel, c'est ici:,716538

Gael123 | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Oct 26, 2016

Excellente imprimante, pour un prix vraiment très bas.

Montage vraiment très simple et rapide, châssis bien rigide, écran lcd, plateau chauffant, elle imprime très bien.

Quelques petits défauts tout de même, la ventilation de l'alim est limite (on peut imprimer une plaque pour mettre un ventilo plus grand), les roulements ont un peut de jeu, certaines vis n'étaient pas serrés.

Après plusieurs dizaines d'heures d'impression, pas le moindre soucis.

lucydragon | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Jun 19, 2016

Waouh great .my first 3 d printer and it works sogreat and smooth and silent

I recommend as i was scare but 2 hour after reading everuthing and level the bed i was able to print the mouse witch looking very very nice ...more than happy

The frame is strong anb very nice

95 pcnt biuld alredy

Order on monday and received on thursday so what can ask more for 300 euro and 8 euro shipping

Thanks HK

Ciprian | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

May 25, 2016


I own this printer for over a month, I am a newby in this line of business being my first 3d printer. Prior purchasing it i have studied a bit on forums and you tube about 3d printing business. In must say that is a perfect choice for a beginner not to much money invested, relatively easy to use it, very good prints that with a little bit of tinkering could turn out in great prints perfect to build up your knowledge about 3d printing.
So, for a first 3d printer I totally recommend it!!

JakobS | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Apr 15, 2016

Received mine today in a seperate box which was definitely heavier than 1200g ;). The printer was properly packed and took me about 10min to set up. I use it with Repetier Host an it works perfectly. I will have to do some minor changes to the printer but all in all it's worth the money as far as i can tell after few test prints.

Nathan | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Apr 12, 2016

Received a box today. Filament inside, but printer is missing. Contacted customer support. Basically, they told me to fill out forms, take pictures, provide shipping labels. then wait 14days for a resolution. WOW.... not the happiest to be honest. Shipping label says 2kg, the printer weighs 10kg. Clearly they forgot, or made a simple mistake. Hopefully they will get me the printer before too long. Being a machine, for work, we needed it.

RedStan | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Apr 06, 2016

Hi all !

I have this 3D printers, and after few weeks of printing, I can say that's a really good 3D printer, with really good quality of printing and work few minutes after unboxing !
Good assembly, with stong parts and good finitions.
Like a lot af customers here, the principal reason for me to have this printer is to make mods for RC FPV Planes, so I need parts with good quality (precision) and printable in a short time to progress easily and quickly in my mods, and this printer do all of this really well for best quality/price.

The only mod I've installed is a glass in the bed, replacing platform tape.

The manual book is in the SD card.

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M150 software user manual Download [12239]
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