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MrRCSound ASPIRE RC Aircraft Sound System

MrRCSound ASPIRE RC Aircraft Sound System


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The best just got better!!! MrRCSound is synonymous with realistic sounds for your RC planes, trucks, cars and boats and the Aspire is packed full of new features that heralds the next generation of sound to the market. Made in USA, the MrRCSound ASPIRE RC Aircraft Sound System has raised the bar for scale RC sounds.

Combining awesome high-end features including a new processor that allows faster computations of sound and faster response times, a 5 times more powerful amplifier than the V4.1, a new micro SD memory card style for sound memory giving you unsurpassed quality, performance and longer engine loops.

Let's see what you get for your hard earned cash.

The ASPIRE has new sound rendering, from idle to high RPM the real recordings make for a breakthrough in realism. But the features don't end there, with random start ups and shut downs (up to 15 individual startups & 10 unique shutdowns), a built-in accelerometer detects dives, hard turns and pull out's that triggers the automatic whistle (no need to have an extra channel for that iconic P-51 Mustang whistle), random chatter and sounds like air traffic control, pilot chatter "enemy, 10 o'clock high!!!", guns, bombs, the list goes on. Combining all this you'll get richer and fuller tones, real sounds and for the first time real prop noise and it's much louder than the V4.1

With two boards connected on top of one another (the bottom board containing the CPU with all input and sound processing and the upper board for power and amplification) offers a clean and tidy configuration resulting in a super easy set up with no soldering required. This new design also allows for greater protection of components in the event of a crash.

It's time to capture the true sound and essence of aviation. Feel the noise and rumble of pure horsepower. Break the sound barrier, not the bank.

Be on the lookout for further expansion with the "COMBAT MODULE" coming soon...

• Plug and play, no soldering required
• 3S to 8S Lipo Compatible
• Push Button Ease of Use
• Only 120g including TT-25 transducer
• Easy to adjust dial volume control
• 5 x More power than V4.1
• Micro SD memory card
• 110mb per engine sound (V4.1 had 8mb per engine sound)
• 6 Main engine sounds
• Full installation instructions included on a CD. 

Recommended Configurations:
1100mm-1350mm Wingspan: 1 x Aspire Base Unit and TT-25
1350mm-1650mm Wingspan: 1 x Aspire Base Unit plus additional TT-25 or Max2-SPP
1650mm + Wingspan: 1 x Aspire Base Unit, Additional Amplifier, 3 additional TT-25s, or Max2SPL

Weight: 120g (Base Unit and TT-25)
Input Voltage: 11.1~37V / 3~10S LiPoly
Input Plug: JST

1x 11.1~37V 3~10S LiPoly Battery

ASPIRE Sound System (6 sounds including Lycoming, Merlin, Continental, Turbine, P&W Double Wasp, and Daimler Benz 601.)
TT-25 Transducer
Connecting wires


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Great sound. However, I have noticed that when using my 2620 3s for more thn 5 minutes or so, the Aspire's sound cuts off. I then land, install a new battery and fly for another 5 minutes. It is painfully obvious that the Aspire draws a LOT of juice from the battery. I tried to hookup a 800mAh lipo but no sound. When the mAh gets too low, the unit cuts out. BUMMER. It doesn't produce sound until I use a minimum of 1500mAh lipo.
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