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Nexus 900 Mini Slope Glider Composite 936mm (ARF)

Nexus 900 Mini Slope Glider Composite 936mm (ARF)

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The Nexus 900 is a molded, high performance, micro sized slope glider, loosely based on the outline of a full scale glider. This model is a great model to take with you on a slope and hiking adventure as the whole model breaks down to fit in a very small space. The model when completed can be carried in the small box it comes in! The model features full function of rudder, elevator, and aileron control, but the unique thing about the Nexus 900 is that it incorporates "wingeron" function which pivots the entire wing. This gives you both your pitch, and roll authority. Originally designed by Franck Aguerre, the Nexus was intended for high performance.

Arriving almost ready to fly, the fuselage is molded of light weight fiberglass and is painted in the mold. The wings are painted in the mold which gives a very light, smooth, glossy finish. To keep the weight in the tail low, the screw on horizontal stabilizer is made of light weight balsa and is covered in matching white film covering. Just a couple evenings of work are all that is required to get this little model ready to fly. To complete you'll just need 2~3 servos (optional rudder, though we recommend it), micro receiver, transmitter with elevon mixing, and a small 4.8v NiMh receiver battery, or 2S 7.4V lipo and micro UBEC.

Check out the Nexus 900 for your next slope experience. Small in size, big on fun and performance!

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly, install electronics and fly!
• Pre-painted molded fiberglass fuselage
• Painted in the mold wings come out light, strong, with an ultra smooth finish.
• Working wingeron control and rudder
• Bolt on horizontal tail

Wing Span: 936mm
Length: 444mm
Weight: 90g

3+ Channel transmitter and receiver with elevon mixing
3* 4.7g servos
4.8V 150mah NiMh receiver battery, or 2S 7.4V Lipoly and micro UBEC


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Wings are nicely constructed the body half's are a little sketchy along the joint and around the control slots. Instructions are poor and have wrong measurements and don't explain a lot. If you are a fairly experienced builder you should have no problem and the plane should fly great!
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Upon receiving my Nexus
I realized that I would have been much better off financially and mentally if I had just donated $160.00 to the Goodwill or any other charity. The worst made and design sailplane I have ever seen or owned. I have seen Pepsi cans with thicker walls than this glider. The Mechanics are the worst I have ever seen. Sloppier than an 1/8 dowel in a 1/2 hole. Terrible. In my worst days I have never designed a pivot wing mechanisum as bad as this one. Down ever ever catch a wing tip on the ground when you try to land at some tricky slopes. Because it will bend like a cheap styro picnic plate. I might pay $19.99 for this...But almost $160.00 would be criminal. If you got to examine the glider closley before you bought it...YOU WOULD'NT..... !
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  • Nexus 900 Glider

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