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Phantom FPV Flying Wing EPO Airplane 1550mm V2 (KIT)

Phantom FPV Flying Wing EPO Airp...

The Phantom is the newest addition to our range of First Person View (FPV) models. It is a great flyer with very predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use.

The Ph...

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The Phantom is the newest addition to our range of First Person View (FPV) models. It is a great flyer with very predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use.

The Phantom features tough EPO construction with moulded in camera bays - one forward looking just under the nose and another mount in the top of the canopy with a plywood support pre-installed. This updated version features premium 3K wrapped carbon tube spars, and now breaks down into three pieces for easy transport.

Assembly of the airframe is very simple, literally four glue joints required - foam glue is also included!

This being the kit version you will require your own choice of 9gram servos, motor and speed controller - we suggest a low current power system not exceeding 30 amps, this will provide you with flights in excess of 30 minutes on a 3s 4500mAh lipo.

FPV pilots will appreciate the space under the canopy - it's cavernous! There is plenty of space for your choice FPV gear.

• Kit Version - Assemble and install your choice of electronics
• Ultra though EPO construction 
• Ultra stable flight performance
• Excellent FPV platform
• 30 minute plus flight duration on 4500mAh 3s lipo
• Easy to Hand Launch, Easy to Land 
• Stable Handling at Low and High Speeds
• Updated with 3K wrapped carbon tube spars
• Updated with removable outer wing panels for easy transport

Wingspan: 1550mm  
Length: 683mm 
Flying Weight: 900g

4 Channel Radio (with delta mixing)
3S 11.1V 4500mAh Lipoly battery
2 x 9g servos 
30amp Esc
900kv Brushless Outrunner Motor


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I have now had about 6 flights on this plane and I LOVE IT!!!! man it launches so easy, flys so well. it glides for ever and is easy to land! my newest favourite plane!!
Excellent item. Great build quality. arrived to uk super fast with no damage using the cheapest shipping option. get more of these in stock hk
WOW, what a great plane. So well made, nice strong EPO foam. Came out the box straight and perfect. Was so easy to build. I used hot glue. I also glued the wings on. Im using a 950kv motor, 10x6 prop, 5800mah 3s lipo. I will maiden this plane on the weekend. Cant wait. Then ill put all my FPV gear on it. Worth the money this plane for sure!
Este modelo es la mejor plataforma de vuelo FPV que he visto nunca, lo he volado en infinidad de ocasiones y su vuelo es espectacular, muy gil y rapido, con menos de 5 Am, se mantiene el vuelo a mas de 40 Km/h, y con 18 Amp, vuela a mas de 80Km/h.
Suelo volar mas de 30 minutos, con bateria de 5000mA, y recorridos de mas de 25 km, mi rcord de distancia esta en 12 Km de ida 12 de vuelta, con viento de unos 10 Km/h.
En fin es muy buena plataforma FPV, y acabo de comprar un 2 modelo.
Nice fpv plane. Very nice quality finish of the foam. The preformed hinges work very well. Maximum 10 inch prop to fit between the stabilizers. I think it's also necessary to have a folding prop as you will break the motor mount on landing. Motor mounts are available and very cheap if not using a folding prop.
Setup mine with
3s 4700mah nanotech with extra 3s 1000mah video batt
60amp yep esc
Ntm 3542 motor - since swapped out for a quieter better quality O.S 1100kv motor
Hitec 85bb servos - height and length is good, maybe just a little thick as they protrude out of the wing 1-2mm (no issue)
Apm 2.6 - awesome,cheap, full featured.
10x8 aeronaut folding prop - you will need prop stops or else they can hit the plane when they start spinning.

Fly's well, very stable, not very acrobatic probably due to all the weight. Handles wind OK. Easy to land as it floats nice into the wind. Can get 20-30 mins flight time depending how you fly.

Review for czech customers in czech language - sorry my english is bad.
Rychl dodn, dn pokozen, vborn kvalita zpracovn, leskl hladk povrch. Osazeno doporuenm vybavenm - pouze vrtuli jsem dal sklopnou 10" - vele doporuuji. V letu je nezludn, nahrvky z kamery jsou krsn ist bez chvn, vborn kloue. Ltat s nm je zitek i bez pouit FPV. Jsem spokojen.
This is a great FPV platform. The build time is almost nothing and she is really stable in the air either up right or inverted. The only thing I did was get an upgrade for the motor mount. I read about this and decided to just get it before I flew it. So I can't make any comments about the stock motor mount. I had my first FPV flight with it this weekend and I was blown away. Only previously flying the Bixler2 FPV with it's slower flight characteristics, I was over joyed with the Phantoms agility. It made FPV flight much more captivating.
i love that plane,its very good for FPV flying. The weight of the Plane is 1.7KG .I use the Arkbird for OSD,2x 3s 4500mah Akku,600mw Boscam tx,a Mobius cam,TurnigyTGY 9018 MG Servo,Turnigy 70A SBEC,Turnigy SK3 3542 1185kv and a folding prop TGS 10x6.
This is a great flying wing. It is an excellent plane with no bad handling characteristics. At 13mm throw for elevators and ailerons, you have a very responsive plane. However, it will behave very mildly in stalls and maneuvers. Add a larger motor and you can easily get 70-80mph straight and level. I love this plane and highly recommend it.
tres bon avion pour le prix
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