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Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (ARF)

Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C G...

This 2-meter wingspan glider takes 15 minutes to assemble and lasts a lifetime!
The wings and tail are made from tough EPO foam. However, the fuselage is made from a really strong blow moulded nylon skin*, Usually reserved for baby toys, with...

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This 2-meter wingspan glider takes 15 minutes to assemble and lasts a lifetime!
The wings and tail are made from tough EPO foam. However, the fuselage is made from a really strong blow moulded nylon skin*, Usually reserved for baby toys, with plywood formers, making it almost indestructible.

The virtually indestructible fuselage is smooth and rigid yet still light enough for the glider to perform. Both the main wing and tail are screwed into place and the two wing halves have a carbon fiber rod for added strength.

The main wing requires 1 servo per aileron for strong control surface movement plus there is a pre-moulded slot so you can add your own flaps later. To complete this model you will require 4 9g servos, a 30A speed controller, a brushless outrunner, your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) and a 1300~1800mAh Lipoly battery.

This really is a super strong glider that takes 15 minutes to put together.

Wingspan: 2 meters (78.74inch)
Length: 1160mm
Flying Weight: 980g
Servos: 4 x 9g (Required)
Motor: Brushless 2815/1050Kv (Required)
ESC Included: 30A (Required)

4 x 9g Servos
2815/1050Kv Brushless Motor 
LiPoly 1300~1800mAh 3S

*Having a blow moulded fuselage on a glider is an excellent solution however it is not popular amongst manufacturers due to its high cost, effectively doubling moulding costs.



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I use a NTM 35-30 1100kv (has a 4mm shaft so you can use original prop) and a Hobbyking 40a esc and 3s 2200 40c .
I really love this plane to look at however after 6 months and 3 attempts to put an ESC / motor combination I cannot get this thing out of my garage and into the sky as I keep burning motors and ESC. The plane is getting EXPENSIVE as I cannot get anything to work in it. I would REALLY appreciate anyone providing me with URL's to an ESC and motor combination that they KNOW works in this plane...

Desperate Pilot !
Bought one of these as a upgrade from a axn ..started building it and found that the rudder servo hole is not for a 23mm body servo .i had to order a 28mm body to fit ...might just be mine but check before starting your build or like me yours will end up sitting there for a extra couple of days... Otherwise the rest looks good ...will update this after the maiden.
I love this glider. Very smoothly shaped, good handling qualities. I especially like the sturdy extruded fusealage. I use it for fpv, I must say there is not a whole lot of space in there and fitting everything in is a pain (including osd), but definately worth it. On the plus side everything inside the fusealage is very well protected in case of a crash.

The only downside of the plane is the material of the beams in the wings. It's allumiun, quite heavy and it bends in case of crashes, but yeah that's ok for the price.

I bought this after the ASW28 and I find it is much better (although I liked the ASW28). Especially the canopy and the wing-fusoleage link which were of bad quality on the ASW.
The glider i fantastic . i am lokking foward to make it fly ony for soaring. I will sent a sort video. I just buy it ony for soaring. I saw that glider soraring very good, and thats why i boutgh one.
Well boxed, no damage on delivery. Very nice moulding all of which went together without a problem. Lots of carbon strengthening in tailplane, wing joiners carbon and ply making for a strong, rigid airframe. Even control pushrods for rudder/elevator pre installed. Optional flaps activated.
First flights today in moderate breeze using a 2200 3s lipo and supplied folding prop. No issues noted after small amount of trimming. Nice stable flyer with good glide angle. Easy to land on the spot. Overall excellent value for money.
Today, I unfortunately crashed this glider. Fuselage was still completely intact, including my electronics (phew!), but the wings are totally destroyed. It probably went out of range and/or speeds were to high for the glider to handle, so it went in an uncontrolable spin and crashed in some trees. But... looking back, I've had quite some fun with this glider for more than a year! It glides very smoothly and has a great flying characteristic. It absolutely defeated another 2m plane with gliding.
I'm seriously considering buying again! I'd really recommend this one for anyone looking for a good glider. You'll undoubtly have great fun with it.
1.) Wing halves are demaged (dents) caused by storing one wing halfe above the other. The grooves fit to the knuckles on the bottom side.
2.) One plywood bar is not lining up with the surface of the wing. I sent a RMA but HK told me to ship the item back for investigation, even they got fotos of the damage. I should pay for postage (at least 21 EUR). HK would refund only the product price. That means that I have to pay money for damage/bad quality even I am not the causer - never, ever.
Why do always I get the crap!
This is just a must have. Its one of the best gliders on the market at a very low price.
I had to upgrade whatever was in wood to custom carbon fiber spares cause that wood list goes broken very fast, but thats nothing compared to the amazing character of this glider.
I tried different combos but at the end i fitted a 3536 SK3 1200kv 60A esc and a carbon 10x8 prop. It looks exagerate but its not, this plane is heavy and on the first setup 2830 1150kv and 30A on 12X6 the plane was horribly slow and had not even enough power to go up in the sky in a decent way.
Now maybe is a rocket ship (700W) but it goes unlimited vertical and in a while im from ground to up in the sky where i can float how long i want.
Its a very good and versatile plane, on my setup is also funny (i usually fly fast planes and this I can fly it also a day long without getting bored).
Easy to fly, easy to build and easy on your pocket. Everyone should have a phoenix glider. ARF better than PNF, PNF has cheap motor and esc that don't last at all better off putting your own electrics in.
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