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Pitts Special RTF w/ 18A Brushless System

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Pitts Special RTF w/ 18A Brushless System


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Pitts 182 18A Brushless
This kit will take you around 20-30 minutes to complete. It comes with 18A brushless speed controller and outrunner motor plus all servos, pre installed.
This plane comes with dual aileron controls and spare propellers. Also included with the kit is an 1100mAh 3S1P Lipoly pack.

: 790mm
WingSpan: 880mm
Prop: 3 blade SAPAC8x6
Wing Loading:
Flight time: Around 15min with supplied pack
Weight: 620g
Motor: Brushless Bell motor, similar to the towerpro 2908-21
ESC: 18A brushless
Battery: 11.1v 1100mAh 3S1P
Servos: 9g x 3 (Quality servos, with precise control.)

4ch Radio (Transmitter / Receiver)

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GMC | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Pitts Special RTF 18 A brushle

Oct 26, 2008

Little gem ,It flies fairly well not to much wind though you'll find ourself wrestling it down. Landing is uneventful and will cruise down with a touch of down elevator and throttle just to keep the control surfaces working.Not the most accurate plane in build or flight but heaps of fun for 80 odd bucks . If you get one you'll love the knife edges it will do.

Power. Good

Control. Average

Build quaility . Average, everything however did go together as described in manual.

Fun factor. 4 stars.

Flight time. 9 mins or so ( havent fully tested yet)

Speed. Slow to moderate.

flying lolo | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Pitts Special RTF w/ 18A Brush

Nov 14, 2007

petit avion polystirene, au montage en usine mdiocre : (gros ecart de collage des gouvernes d'aileron, colle founie inadapte au polystirne -> fais des trous), prise du controleur moteur en futaba et pas en JR comme les servos..

mauvais conditionnement.. divers impacts sur le fuselage et les ailes.

merci quand meme a UH pour l envoi rapide en air-parcel (10 jours de la commande a la reception).

small foamy plane, assembly factory mediocre: (big difference paste aileron control, glue provided inappropriate for foam -> Make holes), engine controller jack is a futaba not like servos they are in JR servos ..

Bad packaging .. Various impacts on the fuselage and wings.

Antonio Remesal | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Diversion a escala-Scale Fun

Nov 14, 2007

Este pequeo biplano te divertir todos los fines de semana en los que el viento no sea el protagonista. El material es de calidad a excepcin del motor, cuyo eje estaba muy torcido, lo sustitu por un 2409-18T ( con buen resultado.

Es necesario aumentar el mando en profundidad y timn, en alabeo tambin se debera realizar, pero el sistema utilizado hace la tarea complicada. Es posible realizar un tonel, pero es conveniente tener suficiente altura.

El tren de aterrizaje hay que pegarlo con abundante epoxy para no perderlo en el despegue!


This little bipe entertain you every weekend the wind will not be the protagonist. The material is quality, except the engine, which arrived with a twisted shaft, I replaced it with a 2409-18T having good result.

You need to increase the elevator and rudder throws, aileron should also be increased, but the system used makes the task difficult. You can make a barrel, but you should have enough height.

The landing gear must be glued with abundant epoxy for not losing it in the takeoff!

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