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Quanum 3 Axis No Drift Head Tracker

Quanum 3 Axis No Drift Head Tracker

Quanum is bringing a more immersive experience to FPV with a new 3 axis no drift head tracker. Quanum’s new head tracker roots are based on the widely popular DIY head tracker project by Dennis Frie and Mark Mansur, a big thanks to those dev...

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Quanum is bringing a more immersive experience to FPV with a new 3 axis no drift head tracker. Quanum’s new head tracker roots are based on the widely popular DIY head tracker project by Dennis Frie and Mark Mansur, a big thanks to those developers.

The Quanum head tracker is a refined mini single board head tracker that uses not only gyros but a magnetometer to correct for gyro drift for a locked in, full 3 axis experience.  The simple GUI allows easy setup for servo center, end points, direction, and most importantly PPM channel mapping. Whether you use it for single axis or the full 3 axis this configurability allows it to be used with almost all radios with a trainer port input.

The kit comes not only with the 3 axis tracker, but cables for Futaba/9XR/9XRPRO and JR style 3.5mm trainer ports. There is an included optional remote center button for TX mounting and convenience. The Quanum head tracker is the perfect accessory for the Quanum DIY V1 and V2 goggles or any other model goggles or FPV setup.

A big thanks to Dennis Frie and Mark Mansur. More information on the original project can be found here

• Full 3 Axis
• Easy GUI setup
• Compatible with most radios with a trainer port
• Remote zero button
• Drift free

Size: 45x28x9mm
Weight: 9g
Voltage: 2~4s (provided via the trainer port cable on Futaba)
Axis: 3, Pitch, Roll and Pan

Quanum 3 Axis head tracker
Remote zero switch Futaba/9XR/9XRpro trainer port cable
JR/FrSky trainer port cable




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Just received mine and noticed, that it does not show anything in the plot.

Error updating UI from settings.
Firmware Version 1,04
Settings Retrieved!

even after downgrading to firmware 1.03 it did not work.
just wanna share for those who had issue of glitches, this is how you reset it :
The crazy thing! When I collected, on the basis of Bixler, FPV flying, first instinct when in trouble is to look around. But the camera was static. Can long to turn my head but the picture does not change. And with this thing you can implement camera movement with the movements of the head. Feeling just great. It's fantastic! Feeling as if he were flying. Everyone has to try this!
this works great. I left a comment above a week ago talking about drift. turns out this unit requires connecting to your computer with the software above in the 'files' tab and calibration. now it works great. I got this for $9 during the cyber Monday sales and man what a deal. most head trackers cost $50-$100 and still drift or are jittery. this thing does neither. I highly recommend this. the support group on rcgroups has lots of info, find it under the open source diy head tracker thread.
bought it to use with my skywalekr plus 433 radio
Amazing! Hooked it up with my Quanum V2 goggles and a HK Pan-Tilt. No regrets! Functions as advertised and comes with a very easy to use software. Small and compact with several included extras. I used a small 433mhz RF Rx & Tx to make my own wireless head tracking!
I have tested a friends and works well.
My only gripe is I ordered on 2 Nov and it took 8 days to ship...I'm still waiting!
Item was supposed to be in stock but not so sure?
A nice piece of long as you're not in a rush for it
Works great with my Turnigy 9xr and the JR plug. I never could get the Futaba plug to work. GUI installed and works flawlessly too.
Very nice and easy to use, just like the Daily video. I use it with my T9X original software, Hk pilot flight controller and quanum V2 googles.
Can't use this with dsx9. Thought I had a bad one(tracker) until my computer guru found drivers to connect to the GUI (took him over an hour) Had fun with the whole thing and then home to try. When used with a dsx9. Only 2 channels work on the tracker, and only when you press trainer, then the flight controls go away??????
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  • Quanum 3 Axis Head Tracker

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